Progest to Natpro

by Krista

Hi Joy,

After ordering 4 tubes of Progest, I decided to increase my dose to 600 mg because I was still having estrogen dominance symptoms.

Then I ordered 3 containers (3.5 oz) of Natpro since I can use a lot less. I want to make the switch to only Natpro but don't want to waste the Progest.

Is it better to use both brands together until I run out of Progest, then go to only Natpro...
...should I use the rest of my Progest FIRST and then switch to Natpro?

I'm worried about worsening my estrogen dominance when transitioning to both and then have it happen again when transitioning to only Natpro.

Thank you!


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Feb 19, 2018
Progest to Natpro
by: Joy

Hi Krista

Don't waste the Progest, use it, but you will have to use more than double the amount. Progest has 900mg progesterone, Natpro has 2,000mg. The 600mg used was clearly not enough to deal with your adverse symptoms. Remember that it does take time. You may experience adverse symptoms when you switch, then again you may not. Everyone is different. When you do start with Natpro, I suggest that you use 400mg and see how you get on. You will have to experiment to see what amount is best for you.

Just a reminder that your Vitamin D3 level should be optimal level at between 70-100ng/mL. A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

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