Problem with Progesterone???

by Pam N.
(Helena, Mt. )

I am 62 years old and take natural progesterone. It causes me to fall asleep easily, but I have very vivid dreams and noticed an increase in nightmares.

I resorted to taking half the progesterone in the morning which I believe has helped the dreams, but it leaves me drowsy during the daytime.

Any comments about this that you have received on this? Or it it just me?


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May 23, 2014
Nightmares & progesterone
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad I found this entry ! I've been having vivid dream & nightmares as well while on progesterone ! Why is this happening ? I almost hate going to sleep now because I cant stand the dreams they feel very real & are quite disturbing ! I'm thinking about skipping night time dose of progesterone ! VERY WEIRD ! Help ! BETH

Nov 14, 2014
Same here
by: Anonymous

Same here, I fall asleep easily but have very vivid, weird and often disturbing dreams at night. I too have considered stopping taking it. I woke up the other night so freaked out I was afraid to go back to sleep...

Dec 28, 2014
groggy or sleepy?
by: Dee

I am 62 and on natural bio-identical progesterone.
I sleep well but I also have very vivid dreams. Most
of them are pretty boring. No nightmares, but some
are stressful situations. I am concerned that all of
this dreaming is interfering with my REM sleep because I always wake up after 7 or 8 hours sleep feeling tired or maybe I am just groggy. I perk up when I have my coffee and I am fine during the day.

Dec 30, 2014
Progesterone & dreams
by: Anonymous

Update to my May post .. I added estrogen to my progesterone regime & no more nightmares & crazy dreaming ! My natural path said its low estrogen that causes insomnia . Thank god no more freaky dreams !!! Progesterone isn't the cure for everything as this website totes . Progesterone killed my libido & estrogen brought it back along with testosterone . Woman was created to pro create ( as in pro gesterone) when we stop ovulating there's a reason why we don't produce as much pro gesterone . Why would we need 100mgs of this hormone daily when all our other hormones have decreased naturally? It seem off balance . Dr Lee stated in his book he couldn't imagine using progesterone for more than a few months at 15mg for menopausal women ? I've stopped reading info on this site it seems swayed ! As for the theory we need the same amount of progesterone as pregnancy that's crazy during pregnancy ALL your hormones are elevated including estriol !

Dec 30, 2014
Progesterone & dreams
by: Anonymous

Add estrogen to balance the progesterone ... I did & my nightmares are NO longer . Not to mention estrogen is a mood booster seretonin booster .

Feb 16, 2018
Dreams on Progesterone
by: Mary Ann

I am 67 and I take bio identical estrogen/testosterone and a progestrone pill at bedtime.

The progesterone has been a gift from God for being able to fall and stay asleep. I was a vivid dreamer as a young person and for most of my life but as I got older I never, ever dreamed any more. It was a loss for me because my dreams are interesting, reflective of what I’m experiencing in life. On progesterone I am back to dreaming and they are vivid and I love it!

I am enjoying my side affects from progesterone.

Note from moderator:
Hello Mary Ann, thank you for your valuable input to the forum page. I have had to modify your post slightly as the content was not relevant to the subject of this forum. Thank you for your understanding, I am so happy that progesterone has brought back such wonders to your life. Warmest wishes.

Sep 29, 2020
While visions of sugar plums danced in my head.
by: Anonymous

I just started a natural progesterone. Omg! Why do I need this? I can't stand it. I leveled my hormones off no more night sweats with Biotec, I started this one a week later, I am back to night sweats and horrible dreams. They aren't dreams at all, there nightmares.

Nov 02, 2020
Biotech progesterone
by: Anonymous

Started a week after estrogen/testosterone pellets inserted into hip area. Caused night sweats to come back, not to mention the horrible nightmares. I could feel the anxiety of dreaming someone was in my apt, and they wanted to murder me. I just layed there waiting for it to happen. The struggle was real to wake myself up. Finally did, but felt all emotion with what I dreamed. Cut dose in half, it subsided a little bit. Crazy!!!

Sep 05, 2023
Craziest Dreams ever!!
by: Anonymous

I am a dreamer but since I have been taking Progesterone pills, I have had the most craziest dreams ever. then I started thinking it must be them pills!! smh

Sep 07, 2023
Craziest Dream ever!
by: Joy


Some people experience crazy/weird dreams. There could be a number of reasons for this. One is that progesterone is not being used correctly. Oral progesterone is not the best Delivery Method as around 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver. The little progesterone that one gets aggravates estrogen receptors. Many women take oral progesterone as it appears to help some with sleep, others not. If you prefer oral, I suggest that you use a good quality organic cream such as Natpro to make up for the difference. Also progesterone should never be used less than twice a day, morning and again at night. Between 100-200mg is needed, more if symptoms are severe see How to use Progesterone Cream.

The following papers on GABA may be useful to you. The main link seems to be to do with GABA receptors, which relates to sleep see here, and here.

Caution: GABA is difficult to administer, as it's easy to exceed what is needed and then symptoms come back, so increase extremely slowly. It's far easier to use progesterone instead, as this activates the GABA receptor sites. Should you decide to try GABA, start with 100mg/day, plus 25mg/day vitamin B6, a necessary cofactor. Increase very slowly till the optimum is found. It is safe to go up to 1000mg/day.

Very important is Vitamin D3, a deficiency will reduce the benefits of progesterone. It is also connected to every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital. Cofactors are very important.

Sep 08, 2023
Bioidentical hormones - progesterone and nightmares
by: Anonymous

I see this was posted several years ago, but I just found it and I am relieved to hear that other women also experience the weird dreams with progesterone. I am on bioidentical hormones - estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Even though my estrogen is balanced now, I still get the vivid dreams at night, sometimes quite disturbing. I am prescribed 300mg and sometimes I take half the dosage and that does seem to help a little. But if I skip it all together, then I wake up a lot in the middle of the night and can't feel rested.
Anybody else with this issue, where their estrogen is leveled but they still have nightmares and vivid dreams with progesterone?

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