Pre-Menstral Hives

by Christine

Hi Wray

Do you have any links to share regarding pre-menstral hives? I’ve seen on several forums that getting hives before your period may be helped by Progesterone Cream. Several people said that the cream eliminated the hives. I’ve been using the cream for two months. I am 41 and had a baby in Oct 2011. About 5 months ago my husband got a vasectomy so I went off the birth control pill. When I was pregnant at about 7 months I started itching on my belly and breasts. I got a very bad rash that the doctors said was PUPPS. They said it was due to a surge in hormones and would go away once I delivered. Well it did get better but since I went off the birth control pill it got so much worse. I’m wondering if this could be a sign of peri-menopause. My question to you is do you think it is a sign of estrogen dominance? If so, why would I get it at 7 months pregnant when progesterone is so high? Do you think it is an imbalance of hormones? I’m so confused and at my wit’s end with these hives. I started the cream at the first of the year. In January I was only using 25mg per day (once a day). In February I increased to 25mg twice a day. The hives are still pretty bad but the good news is that my moods are better and I’m sleeping better. I know you recommend at least 100 mg per day. Do you think I should increase? Or do you think I can actually have a progesterone allergy. I’ve read that is possible too and would explain why I had it so bad and the end of my pregnancy. I’m so confused! Would you be able to give me some insight? Thank you so much!!

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Mar 02, 2013
Pre-Menstral Hives
by: Wray

Hi Christine I have answered your other page, the link is here. Take care Wray

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