Premature ovarian failure

At 22, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I am now 46, and have taken birth control since 22 to help. I believe I've been estrogen dominant since. I also have alopecia areata, as well as adrenal deficiency. About a year ago, I started getting a harsh raspy voice. I've been tested for thyroid issues, but they came back normal. Can all of these symptoms be from a lack of progesterone?

I should also add that I was accidently poisoned 3 times as a child, and I have been doing a detox to clear heavy metals, toxins etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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May 21, 2018
premature ovarian
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you have gone through this. Taking birth control would have made you estrogen dominant, is my belief. Also, thyroid testing is notoriously wrong more often than not. Tests come back "normal" when symptoms are screaming low thyroid. Please take your basal temperature in the morning before getting out of bed. This is considered to be the gold standard for testing thyroid: your body temperature. Place a digital thermometer by your bed stand and when you wake up, do not get out of bed and with minimal movement, place the thermometer under the arm pit and keep it there for 10 minuted BEFORE turning it on. If it reads between 97.8 - 98.2 your thyroid is within normal range. Anything below may indicate low thyroid. Please read Dr. David Brownstein's books on IODINE. Hair loss, raspy voice are signs you may lack iodine. It is one of the most important minerals there is and most people are lacking. If you need to take thyroid hormone you can take a non synthetic form which is desiccated thyroid hormone. But I would suggest the Iodine in the form of Lugol's %5 iodine first, since lack of iodine is usually why there is a low thyroid issue to begin with. Iodoral is the tablet form. I personally prefer the liquid and take at least 50 mg. (8 drops) daily, often more. Please read about it and start slowly building up.

And of course natural progesterone! There is a ton of information on this site. Put your questions into the search bar. Don't rely solely upon someone answering your comments here. Since Wray Whyte passed away the responses to comments are not quite the same, but there is much information she left everyone.

Your adrenals can be helped tremendously by taking Ashwagandha, Rhodiola - which are adaptogens. Vitamin D3 is crucial for balancing and absorbing progesterone as well as a whole range of benefits. Your range should be between 70 - 100ng/ml in a blood test. The test is simple to do, please do it. Bear in mind too that iodine is a powerful detoxifier and will help to remove those toxins that may have accumulated over many years. So when starting iodine you may have temporary increase in symptoms as your body is getting rid of these. Take lots of vitamin C! and drink plenty of water to help.

I hope this helps.

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