pregnancy and progesterone

by Lara

I had an ectopic pregnancy in January 2014. I took a break from ttc for months, trying to heal tube (no rupture, received a injection) and GI (diagnosed with SIBO). We started ttc in July and I became pregnant in August, but showed no positive pregnancy test until day 36 and I'm a 28 day cycle person. I then had a early miscarriage and had low hcg. Took another long break, husband and I have been trying again and this cycle My ND had me start progesterone cream on day 23, when we saw that my Progesterone levels were in the normal range, but on the lower end. Since I've been taking it I have felt a little hungover, I get slight headaches and bloating, symptoms of 'cold' digestion like acid reflux. I thought I was going to start my period last night with slight cramping and spotting and a headache. I didn't take the cream last night and used a tampon. This am tampon had minimal blood on it that was brown. No more bleeding today, day 27. I took a pregnancy test that had a very faint positive line so started again with cream. It's a 20 mg of progesterone so I take 2x a day, one in am and other at night. Not sure what to think if the cream is delaying my period or if I might be pregnant. Also not sure about the symptoms of the headache, hungover, bloating feeling. I don't get like that normally before my period. Headaches are rare for me and bloating happens when I eat poorly. Would love to hear what folks are thinking. Thank you!

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