Pre-diabetes, endometriosis

by Margie

Hi Wray.

I was on Natpro for a while and went off of it because my blood sugar levels were high and I had no other explanation as to why that would be the case. I also read that progesterone raises blood sugar and is used for hypoglycemia. I was 46 years old at the time. I am currently 47 years old. I have never been overweight in any way and eat decently. Diabetes does run in my family and a few relatives have died from complications of diabetes, so I am very afraid of developing full diabetes. I had a reading of 5.8 at 46 and then 5.5 at 47, so I am looking to reduce my blood sugar levels.

I also suffer from endometriosis. I've been treated many times for endometriosis through laparascopic surgery since the age of 19. I suspect I started suffering from endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I've had issues with cysts as well on and off throughout the years. I also have symptoms of perimenopause, so I suspect that my blood sugar levels are being affected by this as well.

I miss my Natpro as I have been experiencing some pain and the last one had me crying with shooting pains down my leg. I need some relief and would like to go back on Natpro, but I am afraid of the higher blood sugar levels. Is there any truth to blood sugar levels being raised by natural progesterone?


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Apr 07, 2015
Pre-diabetes, endometriosis
by: Wray

Hi Margie I'm pleased the Natpro helped you, I wish you'd written in earlier instead of suffering. I've never heard of progesterone raising blood glucose. In fact a paper I have suggests the reverse……"The increase in sensitivity of the women during preovulation may have been related to the high level of estrogen, whereas the decrease in sensitivity during postovulation may be due to some type of interaction between estrogen and progesterone." see here. To my mind Peri-menopause says it all! Oestrogen rises, this can cause Insulin Resistance or exacerbate it if already existing. IR affects blood glucose. I would also suggest you have a Vitamin D test done, it affects blood glucose, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Plus a lack of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone. We do have a page on Endometriosis you might not have seen. Take care Wray

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