pre menopause or menopause severe low back , pelvic pain

by wilma
(south africa)

Good day, I am 53 years, have always suffered pms in my earlier years, (tender breast, heavy bleeding ext) to help with the heavy bleeding my gynegoligist suggested that we place a mirena in which for the last 20 years was replaced every 5 years, it took my periods away so in that sense helped!

The last mirena I had in for about 9 years , 2 years ago when I visited my gynea I suggested we remove the mirena as its time has expired , she suggested we keep it in! Then about 9 months ago I developed severe lower back and pelvic pain (feeling of pressure on my uterus and anus ) fearing the worst I made an appointment with my gynea, (thought maybe I had cysct or fibroids) but the examination revealed nothing so I received a clear report!

My gynea asked if I have periods which I replied no because with the mirena I had nothing! She said I must be in menopause because of the other symptoms I experienced and suggested I start with premarin 0,3 ! We then removed the merina !

rOnce back home I decided not to use the premarin because of the known side affects, then 3 days after the merina was removed I started menstruating ! Now in my quest to search for alternative help with my symptom I started using Don Quai and black cohosh, it helps a little but still having the back pain and pelvic pain it feels like muscle tension !

Now my question is can I combine natural progestorone cream with the Don Quai and black cohosh? What do you think is the cause of my back and pelvic pain is it maybe a lack of progestorone? I know that the mirena supplied some progestorone directly into my vagina or uterus? Please help me find a solution! I went to a chiropractor and my spine seems fine! The pain is unbearable when standing but goes away when lying down! Then there is the low mood, low blood sugar, anxiety and othe unwelcome symptoms! Am I in menopause and having periods?

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Dec 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

First I think it would be a good idea to go back to the gyno and ask to have your hormones tested so you know for sure where you stand before starting any sort of natural treatment. That said vitamin D and magnesium are two supplements that are a must for our bodies so make sure you take at least 5000mg/day for vitamin d3 and up to 600mg/day of magnesium glycinate to start. Afterwards, a dose of 300mg/day is usually sufficient. The magnesium glycinate is the best absorbed by the body and is also excellent to alleviate any pain. You can divide the dose throughout the day and is great as a relaxant before bed.

Good luck!

Dec 14, 2016
pre menopause
by: Anonymous

I agree in part with the previous comment about vitamin D3 and magnesium, but there is never a set dosage for either. Under stress , you need more. It is extremely important to take vitamin D3. The level of your tests shows you are not in optimal range, which should be above 50ngml - even more, perhaps nearer to 70. This is crucial. The tiredness you experience may be linked more to thyroid issues, which progesterone can help with. Iodine is also very important for thyroid, as well as selenium! The symptoms you describe show typical estrogen dominance. I would take only progesterone, not the herbs. Please read this website for more information. Put your questions in the search bar. You will find many women who have experienced the same thing as you. You are definitely not alone! I wish you all the best.

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