Postmenopausal sufferer

by Deena

I am now 53 years old. I went through menopause at about 46. Within a couple of years, I began having a series of bizarre, varied, horrible symptoms at which time the doctors discovered I had hypothyroidism and started me on a 2 year long course to titrate my synthroid and get my thyroid function in line.

The symptoms continued but were very cyclic and I really felt they were hormonal. My doctor sent me for varied tests and to specialists but I finally started using progesterone cream and within 2 months, I was feeling much better. I use a progesterone cream with 500mg/oz made from soy and have had good results with it.

I use approx 3/4 tsp daily but I worry that I may be using too much. I've read that too much can affect the balance of adrenal functioning. I have not been able to work out a schedule of using the cream for 25 days and then off 5 days as Dr Lee's book suggests. Frankly, my symptoms are so horrible that I'm afraid to stop using the cream for as much as 1 day much less 5-7 days. I still have a cycle during the month where I'll get slight sx's.

When should I try to not use the cream? Just before this cycle of sx's or after? Thanks so much for any advice.

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Jul 09, 2009
Postmenopausal sufferer
by: Wray

Hi Deena. It's such a pity the doctors latch on to the thyroid and treat that and not the problem in the ovaries. Ovarian malfunction so often disturbs the thyroid by slowing it down. Thyroid malfunction is often a lack of vitamin D too, please have a test done for this. A lack of vitamin D increases parathyroid hormone, which slows the thyroid down. I'm pleased the progesterone has helped though, it bears out what I've said. But you are not using enough, all the successful studies used between 100-200mg/day, and you're only using about 60mg/day. I still use ±170mg/day, and can't do with less. It depends so much on symptoms, age, stress levels, lack of sun etc. Progesterone actually helps the adrenals as it lessens the stress response.

Finally it's always best to use the cream daily when in menopause, peri-menopause too, as cycles are too erratic to follow. I've done this now for 13 years and haven't looked back. Take care, Wray

Sep 16, 2009
by: Sue

Deena, what is sx's? You are post menopausal right? I am 61 and still have many symtoms that younger peri or menopausal women have. I have decided to take progestorone. Thanks, Sue

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