post partum depression?

Hi, I've been using progesterone cream off and on for the past 5 years. I came across Katharina Dalton's book that said that using progesterone can head off postpartum depression. I had a horrible postpartum time after having my 2nd child almost 8 years ago. When I got pregnant the third time, 5 years ago, I did the cream immediately after delivery. I had a wonderful recovery and no scary postpartum issues at all.
I had a baby last March, 2013. I used to progesterone cream like before, but I still got weepy in the evenings and felt blue. It was strange how it was like clock work. It would kick in around 4:00pm. After a few weeks, the worst of it was over but even now I still get a down feeling the same time of day. I do 25 mgs in the day time and 25 at night. My compounding pharmacy recommended this for me and are leery a/b me using more. I'm still nursing exclusively. My first period came last September. Then 41 days later I got another period and then 20 days later I got another one. the one I just finished was 25 days only from the last one. I don't use the cream during my period and have just completed it. I'm just getting really frustrated with this down feeling. I'm constantly exhausted and drained. I just turned 35, and I'm terrified of what menopause may have in store for me if I feel bad now. I do struggle with pms as well but not always. A feeling of anxiety and insomnia sweeps over me during the "bad times".
I do take zoloft and have since 2006 when I had the bad ppd. I start feeling badly around break through bleeding times or right before my period, so I know this is all hormonal. I am not normally an unhappy person at all. Please help! I want to enjoy my 4 children and this time of year.
Take Care,

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