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Hi Wray
I did try to edit my post this but seems you've posted without my amendments. When I tried you email you your email address was not recognized. Can you either remove it or edit as I requested.

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Oct 26, 2016
No legit site address
by: Anonymous

Why does Wray not have a legitimate email address for customer contact?? All emails bounce back.

Oct 26, 2016
Can I Take Progesterone on Day 8?
by: Andrea

Hi Wray,
I really need your expertise! I hope you are still out there! I'm 45 and have always had regular periods. But last year I suddenly had a lot of anxiety and could not sleep for about two months. My estrogen is high and my progesterone is in the lower normal range. I was finally put on bio identical progesterone drops for under the tongue. (Equal to about 15 my a drop). Two in the morning and two at night beginning on day 12 and increasing until taking 4 drops am and 4 drops pm the week before my period. I have noticed I feel my best if I take 4 drops am and 4 drops pm from day 8-28. However, when I started doing this dosage I had two periods a month. Both of my second periods began on day 12. So I only had a four day break from when my period ended until it started again. I really want to be able to take Progesterone starting on day 8 until day 28 for drops in the morning and four drops in the evening so that I feel mentally happy and healthy and so I can sleep. Is this what is causing my bleeding? Do I have to wait to start taking progesterone drops until day 12? What do I do between day 8 and 12 when I cannot sleep and I have anxiety?

Doctors have not been able to tell me what to do during day 8-12.
Thank you!

Oct 27, 2016
No legit site address
by: Wray

Hi Anon No site that I'm aware of ever has an email address one can access directly. So how 'mine' could bounce back I don't know as I don't have one and never have had one! But like other web sites we do have ways people can access one of us for help. We have a live chat on the site which Joy mans for us. We also have a contact us link on every one of the 7000 plus pages of which the site comprises. Please feel free to use it. As for the first comment, I don't know who it's from, she makes no mention of her name and assumes I know who she is! It's very difficult to keep track of people if they don't give their name, as you haven't. Take care Wray

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