Post Menopause, Have all female parts and want to know if I should include Estrogen

by Gail Presson
(Houston Texas)

I have been on a roller coaster ride with Drs and Hormones. I have been on Bio T Estrogen and Testosterone, and Bio Identical Progesterone, for about a year. Prior I was using Evamist Estrogen and progesterone pharmaceutical for about a year, I have only been post Menopausal for two years.

After the first year on therapy I began spotting, but that was my fault due to using to much Evamist. I found a new doc and that who is put me in the pellets and cream. I remained spotting off and on, but recently my Estrogen pellets have worn off. I remained on the cream and for the last two weeks I have not had any spotting. I am due to get another dose of Pellets, less this time, but I am wondering if I really need to? I heard that Estrogen is what slows down aging, but if I don't need it, because it builds the lining in the uterus then I may refuse it? My progesterone cream amount was 400 mg, but I have lowered it to 300 within the last couple of days.

I would like to know your opinion on this? I am 54 years old, and love remaining young.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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Jan 03, 2016
Post Menopause, Have all femal parts and want to know if I should include Estrogen
by: RJ

Hello Gail!
Research Wray's site and you will find she does not take it nor does she recommend any supplemental estrogen or testosterone. Testosterone will convert to estrogen and with all the estrogen mimics in our environment we do not need any extra of either of them. God Bless! RJ

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