post cancer woman

by Kerry McCracken
(Milan, Il)

Hi This is Kerry checking in. It's been 1 year after my lumpectomy and my refusal to take Tamoxifen. Actually, I tried it and then went off it after experiencing SA. I was warned by the nurse of my oncologist to not take progresterone as I was Estrogen and Progesterone positive for my type of tumor. I still believe Birth Control Pills and Mammograms created this perfect storm in my body that led to my cancer. I still worry whether I made the right choice in taken Natural Progesterone, but have left it to the Science I've researched and God.

I'd like to warn other women to not take BC pills as they are formed from unnatural Estrogens and Progesterones. Also, with the increase in Hormonal Therapies for Transgender ppl. I'm afraid we're going to see an increase in Cancer. Remember, Breast Cancer wasn't in my family before me. Take Care

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Feb 02, 2016
Post Cancer Woman
by: Joy

Hi Kerry

Many thanks for sharing this. You are 100% correct, BCP certainly does have a negative effect, in fact all drug based contraceptives have a potential to cause harm. Can I reassure you that you made the right choice. You are also correct in saying that there will be an increase in cancer, we have BCP, HRT, drugs and the environment to thank for that.

Onwards and upwards Kerry.

Take car.e

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