Please help: Very irregular period and temp not rising after expected ovulation

by Evette
(Dallas, TX, USA)


I have had 2 miscarriages within the past year and have been unable to conceive since the last loss in May 2015. I recently found your site and tried supplementing with a progesterone cream since the Napro cream is out-of-stock. Since May there hasn't been an evident sustained shift in my temperature even though my charts shows ovulation and opks. Sometimes spotting before ovulation until full bleeding and sometimes, it full bleeding a day or 2 after ovulation. Please help........ Thank you


Started menses at 8 years old. Am now 29.
Had extremely low Vit d levels less than 5. my doc said I was deficient (gave me mega dose at the time but I now take prenatal) and also after my 2nd loss, my progesterone levels was very low.

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