Please help me figure out my ratio

by Jen
(Lake Station)

My estradiol was 57pg and progesterone 5.2 ng

What ratio is that?

Also my Vit D was 66 ng - should I continue taking my Vit D supplement?

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Jun 12, 2014
formula for ratios
by: R.

Hi Jen -

It took me a while to figure this out for myself, but I finally found the formula for figuring out and understanding your ratios:

First off you have to change each measurement to the same type of measurement - pMoL

Take the progesterone number (measured in ng/ml) and multiply it by 1000.
This gives you your progesterone in pMoL.

Take the extradiol number (measured in pg/ml) and multiply it by 3.671
This gives you your estradiol in pMoL.

Now take your Progesterone pMoL number and divide it by your Estrogen pMoL number (P divided by E)

This is your ratio.

Hope this helps .....

Jun 13, 2014
by: R.

By using the numbers you gave and placing them in the formula, your ratio is 24:1 (p:e). Very low progesterone ..... in my research I have found that it has been recommended a safe ratio is 100:1.

I would continue on the vit. d to help support your system until your progesterone is higher as they all work in tandem. Recommendations for Vit. d are from 50-75, so you're not bad, but it won't hurt to continue on to give you a bit of help.

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