please advice on overtaking morning after pill

Hello Wray,

I really need your advice.

I've been taking morning after pill as a contraception as it was convenient at the time, for a year every 3 or so days.
I've noticed that I've became way too emotional, even aggressive, lost quite a lot of weight and cannot gain it again as before. But my problem is that I think it really affected my emotions, I've became quite violent at some times, depressed and even suicidal. Also I've had an abortion a year ago when I was actually taking the pills. Could that also mess up my hormonal balance?
I've stopped taking morning after pills 3 months ago when realized it does affect me negatively.

Please advice me what checks should be done in my case? What doctor should I see? I'd like to check for hormonal imbalance. . Please help.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,

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