Pituitary gland and thyroid

by ml

Hey Wray ~ I want to order the Natpro Cream because I believe it may be what I’ve been looking for, for a long time. I have some questions I would appreciate greatly if you could answer for me.

I had a total hysterectomy 7 years ago at the age of 36. I was having problems before, but after that I thought my life was over. I know it was supposedly because of endometriosis, but after reading some of these posts I believe that could have been fixed. At the time I had been bleeding for about a month and in a lot of pain. The hysterectomy was the first and only option I was given, and of course I thought my only one. I was told going in that hopefully my uterus would only be taken, and they would try to save my ovaries.

When I woke up they told me it was very bad, and they had to take everything. I am sure he did try. But sometimes I can’t keep from thinking that I was defiled in some way. Like something was taken from me with no regards on what it was going to do to me or how it was going to affect my life. You know just because my organs didn’t hang outside my body didn’t mean they weren’t just as precious as the man’s who took them from me. Would they have been so easily taken then? Not by the doctor that day, but from times I had been to the doctor before about problems that could have maybe headed this off if someone had only took the time to listen to me.

I am sorry but like I said, this almost destroyed me. Still at times I will have an emotional break down just thinking about this, as some of you I’m sure do. And to the man that could be reading this, yes, it means that much. I battled my weight, depression, hair loss, my memory, mood swings and much more. My quality of life was at an all time low. And after years of going to different doctors saying there has to be something wrong with me; no one should ever feel like this, I finally got one to listen. I have trouble with my pituitary gland and thyroid for which I am taking medication for. I have been on the Vivelle-Dot .05 Patch for almost a year so what I was really worried about is "estrogen dominance" that you talk about.

Like I said before I have battled with my weight most of my life and right now I am doing really good, better than I have in years. The thought of gaining a pound scares me to death. How much Natpro Cream would I need to take each day to try to avoid this, and would I stay on Vivelle Patch or not use the patch? Or is the Natpro Cream all I would need? This makes me wonder if I wasn’t "estrogen dominant" most of my life because I had most if not all the symptoms on the list.

I know your time is precious, and I thank you for every second you have spent helping me.

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Jan 09, 2014
Pituitary gland and thyroid
by: Joy


As Wray is on sabbatical, let me help you as best I can.

Wray receives so many similar messages like yours and it is something that infuriates her and myself greatly. Doctors today seem so eager to 'whip' everything else, if they can't find a solution, or here take the Birth Control Pill when it is, in most cases, so unnecessary! I often say that a male doctor should try living inside a females body and see how they feel. The thing is, we know our bodies, we know when things are not right. So here we have someone who not only 'whipped' your uterus out but your ovaries too. Wow!!

A hysterectomy would have put you straight into Menopause. So tragic that you were given one to sort out Endometriosis, this is often the case. Endometriosis, Fibroid and PCOS are all caused by oxidative stress, it's the inflammation that needed to be dealt with, and you are still suffering with it. This protocol works well, I suggest that you try it:

Natpro - 400mg to 500mg per day * N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg/per day * Taurine - 2000mg/per day * Vitamin D - 5000iu's/per day more if vitamin D level is low. Vitamin D actually helps to shrink fibroids * Bioflavanoids - 1000mg/per day

The symptoms that you described are all due to excess estrogen, you have read the page on Estrogen Dominance. They are also classic Menopause symptoms. Being on Vivelle-Dot will certainly be contributing to your adverse symptoms too, look at the adverse symptoms. Please read the page on HRT as all drug based HRT and Contraceptives have a potential to cause harm. I really do suggest that you start to wean off the HRT - see here as you will be making it so difficult for progesterone to work it's wonders. You need to make progesterone the dominant hormone.

So to answer you question, 'is Natpro Cream all I would need'? No it is not, you need the protocol suggested above, but most importantly you need to have a Vitamin D test done as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. It is also connected to every single cell in our bodies, making it vital!

Please read Wray's page on the Thyroid. Vitamin D is vital for the thyroid as well, see here and here.

Hope this helps you.

Take care.

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