PhD in Holistic Nutrition

by Alfred Blue
(Florence, Oregon)

I am an 81 year old male. I am taking progesterone once a day from Metabolic Maintenance. It comes in a 3.5 fl oz pump which dispenses 1 gram at a time. and is called Natural Progeste Cream. Each gram contains 20 mg. of progesterone. My questions are as follows: 1. Is the product I am using an effective product? 2. Is Natpro a better product? 3. Your website indicates a pump product is the most convenient, yet Natpro comes in a tube. Why? 4. Since Natpro comes in a tube, how do you dispense the most effective amount?

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Dec 13, 2011
PhD in Holistic Nutrition
by: Wray

Hi Alfred I've looked on their site and it doesn't give a full list of the ingredients, seeā€¦.
"Each pump contains 25 mg natural progesterone cream, spring water, coconut oil, plant derived emulsifying wax, glycerin, sweet almond oil, USP progesterone, tocopherol (Vitamin E), grapefruit seed extract. Paraben free". Many companies say paraben free but use phenoxyethanol. Not something I would use on my skin. Ecocert banned it's use in June 2008 for use in natural and organic skin care. If they are relying on the grapefruit seed extract, we're tried this and it doesn't work. Unless they buy a ready made product, in which case the GFSE often contains parabens or other synthetic preservatives, see here. The study backs up our findings that natural GFSE does not act as a preservative. The rest of the ingredients are good, and it should absorb well, although they don't give the results of any Saliva Tests. I'm biased of course towards our product, we have tried to find the most natural ingredients we can, see here. We give full disclosure on all of them, and why we've used them. Some have Ecocert validation for use in natural and organic skin care. Hopefully when new organic raw materials come on the market, we can call it organic. I'm not sure where you found on our site that a pump action is the most convenient, as I don't believe it is! We have a great number of people using it, many men too, so the variation in the amount of cream they use is huge. Some men only need 10mg/day progesterone which would require 1/3ml of cream. Some 100mg/day which needs 3ml of cream. Whereas we have some women who use 1000mg/day, which uses up 1/2 the entire tube in one day. I've thought it over many times and wondered how we could accommodate such a vast array of needs. A pump action container, be it a tube or solid, is more costly too, something we'd like to avoid, as we try to keep the cost as low as possible. Many people use a kitchen measuring spoon to begin with, but after a while you get to sense how much you need. You might like to see some comments from other men, see here, here here and here. Take care Wray

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