PG/E2 ratio too high?

by Kaci
(Winter Haven, FL)

Went on Bio identical hormones four years ago at age 58. Felt great, lost 35 lbs. I also had one thyroid lobe removed, so am on Armour thyroid 120 mgs. Doctor has me on 3 mg. Estriol cream three times a week. I take a troche daily: Progesterone 45mg/testosterone 7 mg/DHEA 25. My PG/E2 ratio was high at 590 H normal value is 45-450. Testosterone is high 46 H, normal value: 4-33. Should I be concerned? I haven't felt well in 9 months. I did have a death in the family 9 months ago, when I kind of crashed, emotionally. Even loss some hair over it. Cortisol levels where high after the death but are now normal.

I recently asked my dr. to lower my progesterone to 25mg. due to sudden belly fat. I also felt better on 25mg in the past. I still don't feel well. I'm in the process of looking for a new Bio-identical doctor. Just wondering if I'm ok to wait it out, till I find a new doctor.

PS: My body temp. has always been below 98.6 degrees. 96.8 in am, 98.4 in evening. She recently increased my Armour Thyroid to 180mg. to see if my temps become normal and perhaps will help me feel better.

Again, wondering if my E2/Progesterone levels are ok.

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Nov 02, 2015
by: Kaci

Title should read 'ratio' not 'ration'.

Nov 18, 2015
Am I taking too much Progesterone?
by: Anonymous

If my progesterone is so high, then I guess more won't help like it does for others.
PG/E2 590 H norm 45-450

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