Persistent Ovarian Cysts

by Amanda
(Houston, TX)

I've been using natural progesterone cream along with supplements, lifestyle changes and exercise in hopes of shrinking/completely getting rid of simple ovarian cysts that haven't gone away after at least 2 years. I quit drinking alcohol in June 2020 and don't ever plan to drink again. I kept being told that the cysts would go away after a few menstrual cycles and when I would have a bleed, I kept thinking, OK, I'm having intermittent bleeding so the cysts should have gone away by now. I'm 45 and have been in perimenopause for at least 4-5 years. The cysts were discovered in 2019 after I saw my primary Dr because I was having bright red spotting after exercise. The spotting eventually stopped, but I'm convinced that I haven't ovulated in quite some time. I had a full work up, normal estrogen, my FSH was in the low 30's on two tests, endometrial biopsy was normal and turmor markers were normal. First gynecologist said that I had two simple cysts stuck together, they were nothing to worry about and nothing further needed to be done. Me being the worry wart, wanted to take another look inn 6 months. Then COVID-19 turned life upside down and I did see a new gynecologist as my former left in early 2020. The cysts were still there, my periods were non existent and while I had been taking 7 days of 200 mg Prometrium nightly to initiate a bleed, one low hormone test in May 2020 and my Dr wouldn't let me take Prometrium anymore, even though I knew I needed it. The Dr told me at my July appointment that while my uterine lining was consistent with menopause the cysts would go away after a few menstrual cycles. How? Hello, I'm not having any bleeding!

In March of this year, I had another ultrasound, truly believing the cysts would be gone because I'd had several bleeds from August to February, but there they were, plus another one that the sonographer called a dominant follicle. I found Dr. Lee's book and cancelled my surgery for the end of April. After starting natural progesterone cream at a fairly low dose, around 1/8 tsp at night, I started spotting after 11 days. I slowly upped my dosage and had a major uterine cleanout that lasted around 3 weeks in June and July. I've tried using it twice a day and I can't because I get a headache and I can't go about my day with a nagging headache. I've muddled through 26 days of cream usage with a headache and its miserable.

I saw a new gynecologist last week who did another ultrasound that showed the cluster of simple cysts on the left ovary appear to have shrunk slightly since March, there is a tiny simple cyst on the right ovary, my fibroid has stayed stable and I had a very light bleed in October, so light that I didn't even need a tampon. For once, my endometrium thickness was described as normal, but would be a bit thick if I was truly post menopausal, which I don't think I am yet. She did bloodwork for hormones and tumor markers and she wants to follow up on the cysts in 6 months, but meanwhile the possibility of a hysteroscopy and D&C loom depending on the results on the bloodwork.

I'm taking a probiotic, 500 mg chelated magnesium, 5000 IU vitamin D3, vitamin K1/K2, a B Complex, Inositol and a muiltimineral, with Boron, Zinc, Selenium to name a few. As far as the natural progesterone cream, I've upped my dosage to a little over 30 mg at night because after trying several times to do it twice daily, I can't do the headache. I tried 40 mg the night before Thanksgiving and not sure if it was anxiety about being around maskless family with unknown vaccination status, but I felt a little off that day. I know you say to use a super high dose, but I'm afraid of going too high. I thought balance was the key and that more isn't always better. Plus I did read that 30 mg of natural progesterone cream is equal to 200 mg Prometrium. I know that this takes time, but is it truly possible for these cysts to completely go away with what I'm doing? I've never worked so hard for anything in my life and I want so badly to avoid hospitals and surgery. No way am I letting the doctor talk me out of using natural progesterone cream!

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Nov 28, 2021
Persistent Ovarian Cysts
by: Joy

Hi Amanda

There are various kinds of Cysts, the fact that you state your are 'simple cysts' indicate to me that they are are Graafian or follicular cysts which are caused by a failed ovulation and can grow to 5cm before detection. Your assumption that you haven't ovulated is correct. These cysts are stimulated by FSH and estrogen, progesterone is very low, as ovulation does not occur. Generally the cyst will be reabsorbed back into the ovary, but occasionally it will burst causing a sharp pain, which about 25% of women experience. It will only occur on one side of the body, in the ovary in which it developed.  I talk from experience, I used to suffer greatly from ovarian cysts and well as Breast Cysts. It wasn't until I started with progesterone therapy that ALL my cysts disappeared, never to return again.  That was 17 years ago.

Vitamin D3 is essential for normal ovarian function, in particular ovulation. A lack is behind oxidative stress, PCOS and it reduces the benefits of progesterone.   It is also essential for every single functioning cell in our bodies making it vital.  A test should be done to check blood levels and a minimum of 5000iu's per day should be taken. Consider taking 1600mg per day arginine and 1200mg per day cysteine. Both these amino acids are potent antioxidants.

You are also in Peri-Menopause which apart from being a terrible time for women, also causes irregular monthly periods. Progesterone should be used every day with NO breaks at this stage as it is extremely difficult to use by following a regular healthy cycle.  Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream for more information on this. Between 100-200mg progesterone cream is needed, more if symptoms are severe, used half in the morning and the other half at night.  Never use progesterone just once a day as this causes progesterone levels to spike. The use of  Prometrium for 7 days is totally incorrect and would merely cause an imbalance and stimulate estrogen receptors which is not what is needed. Also any oral progesterone is not the best Delivery Methods as around 96% gets destroyed by the gut and liver.  A good organic cream such as Natpro which is a 33.3% cream is a far better option.  I don't understand why your doctor advised against more Prometrium, but you seem determined to follow your instincts and do what you believe and feel is right for you and I agree.  The build up of lining in the uterus is caused by excessive estrogen.  The correct use of progesterone will help to expel the lining.  Doctors love performing D&C's when this happens which is totally unnecessary as progesterone gets rid of it with no evasion of the body either.

It is always essential to look after the gut.  People do not seem to realise that a healthy gut results in better health.  Personally I do not take OTC probiotics, I prefer to eat a lot of fermented veg, particularly sauerkraut and kefir milk/water. It's the best form of probiotics available.  I see no need for K1, K2 is the important one.  The other nutrients that you are taking are excellent.  You might want to add Lugol's iodine drop to the mix.  This along with selenium helps to support the thyroid as well as D3. The thyroid tends to play up as we get older.

If progesterone is not used correctly, it will aggravate estrogen receptors as mentioned.  It will increase all or some of those adverse symptoms listed on the Estrogen Dominance page.  One has to firstly, use the correct amount of progesterone and secondly, preserve.  Any adverse symptoms like Headaches will soon disappear as the body gets used to progesterone. The aim of progesterone therapy is to make it dominant, it should remain dominant at all times.  Try rubbing some cream at the back of your neck and up the side of your temples, this should help ease the pain.  Time and patience is needed. It can take between 2-6 months of the correct use of progesterone before one feels it's benefits.  I can't stress enough, if progesterone is not used correctly it will not work.

To answer your question.  You are heading in the right direction but if you use progesterone the way that you are it will not work and you will continue to experience cysts.  

Good luck.

Dec 05, 2021
Thank you!
by: Amanda

Thank you Joy! I guess I need to consider the higher twice daily dosage. I’ll try what you suggested on using it on the temples and back of the neck for headaches because I truly can’t go about my day with a headache.

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