periods and ovulation

by Lindsay

Hi again Wray, just a quick one this time!I should have asked on my previous posts but as Im using so much natpro (17.5mg daily) I assume I wont be ovulating. I also assume in that case I wont get a period?? pls correct me if I'm wrong.

However, I have spent the whole night tossing and turning due to painful lower back and abdominal pain and swelling which is often a 'period' indicator for me although it was bad this time. I havent bleed as yet though feel as if I might. It is around the time I would bleed, going from my last period. Is it possible for my body to go through the motions each month without actually shedding blood?

thanks again

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Oct 30, 2011
by: Annette Canada

Hi Lindsay my name is Annette and I have been meaning to respond to your past posts to encourage you. I know your struggle all to well. I have been on Naptro for 10 months now at very high doses (600-1200 +) and I have to say it does get better. What ever you do stick to it, no matter how severe things get. It does work, you just have to give your body sometime to detox. It was many years in a state of estrogen dominance, but with your high doses of progesterone you will come right. As for your period I believe it will come at those high doses, I have never missed a period on high amounts. I have a friend who was taking 170 milligrams and never got a period for 3 months. I suggested she up her dose to 400-500 and now gets a period every month. As challenging as it is remember it's only a season, and seasons change.... I was on bcp for 15 years so when I started the cream I became severely symptomatic. I would suggest to ask Wray about the calming complex, it helped settle my anxiety down quite a bit. Also make sure you are taking 5000-10000 iu's of vitamin d. I took a vitamin d boost to raise my levels faster. I noticed quite a change in my body after doing so. I also went on estrosmart which contains DIM and calcium d-glucarate. Maybe Wray can explain the benefits of both of them. Be patient Lindsay it will just take some time to come right, but it does work. I'm living proof it does......

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