Period Late - what to do?

by Liesje

Hello Wray,

I started using Dr. Lee’s progesterone cream on the “estimated” day of my ovulation. The first week and a half I was using 100 mg (I don’t know how much progesterone that is exactly in the concentration of Dr. Lee’s crème). Then I ordered Natpro (from Julienne in the UK). I started using 100 to 200 mg daily. The last few days I used a bit more (240 mg/day) as my breasts were still tender and I felt more relaxed using a bit more. My breasts are still tender, but it’s tolerable. I don’t want to use even more for the moment. I realise it can take up to three months for things to become more balanced.

However, now my period is two days late. I read some of the other posts on this issue and realize it’s normal to have irregularities the first months of using Progesterone. I have two concerns now, one is that I’m never a 100 % sure when I’m ovulating. My cycle is around 32 days, but it’s not precise. So I may have started using the progesterone cream a few days before my ovulation. Could this have upset my cycle and prevented my ovulation? If so, how can I prevent this in the future?

Secondly, I don’t know whether I should stop using the cream now and wait for my period to come through or just continue using it. I’m a bit lost. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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Oct 22, 2013
Period Late - what to do?
by: Wray

Hi Liesje I'm pleased you made contact with Jules. We do have a page on Breast Tenderness you could look through. You are right, progesterone can upset the cycle when first using it, making it either earlier or later than normal. It does right itself in time. It's not important using it slightly before ovulation, unless you are wanting to fall pregnant. If you are please read our page on Pregnancy and this one here too. I do suggest to women if symptoms are severe to use the progesterone daily, through any bleeding too, for 2-3 months or until stable. And then follow the cycle again. I've re-read your first page and you don't mention any symptoms there, or if they are severe or not. If they are not, then only use the progesterone for 14 days from round about ovulation, and then stop, bleeding should occur a day or too later. Although in the early weeks of using it, this is not always the case. We also have a page on How to use progesterone cream with more info. If you have a ±32 day cycle, ovulation would occur ±day 18, which is when you should start using it again. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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