Period during Prometrium therapy??

by June

Hi I am a 35yr. old female who encountered flooding period on June 26th 2018 after taking a supplement given by naturopath, glutathione. It must have either altered my hormone levels or my thyroid levels because it delayed my period for 45 days. Once stopped my period came within 3 days. My gut is telling me it is my hormone levels. I went to the ER on the initial days of bleeding as I went through a pad every hour. It was watery blood with huge clots coming out. The hospital kept throwing Tranexamic acid at me to clot my blood and I experienced horrible side effects such as numb cramping legs and it didn’t even help the bleeding that much. I begged them to do a hormone test but they didn’t do that. They even refused to do an ultrasound till I pressed for one. Ultrasound was normal.

I saw my gyno finally and he put me on Prometrium. I started at 200mg at night and would work up to 400mg daily. Except 200mg already makes me super drunken tired and dizzy. If I take 200mg during the day, I won’t be able to function!! Can I take 100mg morning, 100mg afternoon and 200mg night? Or will My body get use to it and I won’t experience the dizziness later on? 5 days in at taking 100mg in day and 200mg at night, I thought my heavy bleeding was stopping because it changed to a trickle that was brownish colour like the end of a period. Except today at 27 days of bleeding, I saw some fresh red blood. Can I get my next period while on Prometrium and after 27 days of previous bleeding in total??? This is like one long drawn out period. I'm so frustrated. I'm extremely anemic and the pads are irritating me. Can this be my following period? I was given the impression that the period comes only after I stop progesterone? Does Prometrium take a long while to stop bleeding??? Should I continue taking Prometrium since I am still bleeding and not sure if it's a real period? I don't want to flood again, second option was for gyno to give me Provera which I do not want.

Please help me!! I am really scared. Many thanks in advance!!

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Jul 24, 2018
Period durin prometrium
by: Cheryl

Glutathione is a major anti- oxidant and is extremely important for every cell. But you cannot just take glutathione, you need to take the precursors for GSH (glutathione). Glutathione is a pretty large molecule and won't go into the cells.

I am not familiar with prometrium. I would think natural progesterone in high doses could help you greatly.

I am a Biochemist and have studied glutathione in depth.


Jul 25, 2018
Thank you for reply...
by: June

Thank you for the informative reply.

I was taking a lipsomol glutathione which was supposedly easier to absorb. Do you know why it would have this effect on me to cause the heavy bleeding but first the delay in period?

DNA specialist said I have a rare gene mutation that doesn’t allow me to detox, hence the glutathione, and I am also estrogen dominant. Glutathione was given by naturopath whilst DNA specialist wanted me on NAC instead. Frankly, I am afraid to touch the supplement or it’s precursor (NAC?).

I don’t know if it’s scientifically possible but I feel like it is detoxing estrogen through my uterus. I am continuing on with my doses of Prometrium despite the period bleeding.
I hope this is the right step.

Jul 25, 2018
by: SLewis

I would use N-ACETYL L-CYSTEINE (NAC) to raise glutathione levels. I would use progesterone cream 10% twice a day instead of prometrium. Get a new doctor that will check your hormone levels via saliva testing.

Jul 26, 2018
Reply to Slewis
by: June

Thanks. I think I will stick to NAC in future. For now prometrium is the quickest option I can get my hands on. I heard many commercial progesterone creams actually have estrogen in it.

I am now experiencing insomnia or wakefulness on prometrium. At first it made me drunken tired/sleepy. Now I’m just loopy but unable to sleep. I fell asleep for half an hour and woke up uneasy. Like anxious with my body running a little hot. What is happening? Do I need to lower or increase dose?? I'm on 100mg day and 200mg night. If this present bleeding is actually my period, then it definitely lightened it.

I dont want to give up on it yet but I am concerned.

Jul 26, 2018
by: June

Sorry forgot to ask..I know it's been said a blood test isn't accurate but would a blood test not show any important information at all? If progesterone has tanked the blood test would reflect so, no? Why do gynocologists use blood tests for ladies who are pregnant?? It seems to be helpful for them.

Jul 27, 2018
I gave up
by: June

Seems I did give up on it. Something is wrong. I have very poor health and am deficient in everything, (you name it I have it), and I think I may be severely deficient in both estrogen and progesterone. I think the higher I go on progesterone the more non-existent my estrogen becomes.

I woke up feeling like I was on fire and drenched in sweat, having a panic attack. To top it off, it didn’t even stop my bleeding. I had one hour of sleep and that was that. My doc wants me to take a low dose bcp just to stop the current bleeding. My health is too fragile to handle overdosing on any chemical, natural or synthetic. I think my body needs balance for now.

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