Period Coming Every Two Weeks

by Tina

Hi Wray,

I'm 43 years old. Two months ago I had a period and then another two weeks later. This was extremely frustrating for me, as my periods are hard enough to deal with when they come once a month (heavy bleeding), so I definitely don't want to have to suffer through two in one month. I have been doing a lot of research about natural progesterone cream, so to prevent another period coming so soon and to try to regulate my cycle, I used it twice a day (about 100mg in the morning and another 100mg at night) during the luteal phase of my next period. It worked great and prevented my period from coming early. However, I had a lot of abdominal bloating and water weight and I lost my appetite towards the end of my cycle which was a little bit disturbing. I felt like I had overdosed on the cream. So the next month, I only used the cream once a day (100mg) during the luteal phase. Well, it was a VERY short luteal phase because my period came again only two weeks after the last one.

My question is, you said on this website that during peri-menopause our cycles can become erratic and there's nothing we can do about it. But isn't progesterone supposed to prevent early bleeding by maintaining the uterine lining, therefore preventing us from bleeding so soon after the previous period?? I'm alittle confused can you please explain?

If I can't regulate my cycle with progesterone, I don't know what I'm going to do. I just simply can't deal with bleeding heavily twice a month. I cannot live that way. At that rate, you feel like you're NEVER off your period. It's extremely irritating and inconvenient and I don't like it. Please help with suggestions if you can because if I can't regulate my cycle at this point because of peri-menopause, I'd rather just have a hysterectomy. But somehow it just doesn't make sense that supplementing with hormones can't control something like this. Please clarify. Thanks.

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Sep 21, 2012
Period Coming Every Two Weeks
by: Wray

Hi Tina To stop heavy bleeding you need 400mg/day or more. Plus at least 2000mg/day NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) You might like to read these comments here and here. Progesterone can initially stimulate oestrogen, so some symptoms might be resolved but others appear. Water retention is one aspect of Oestrogen Dominance, as oestrogen causes it. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic, so good over 1200mg/day is now given via IV transfusion to Traumatic Brain Injury victims to prevent the oedema. Progesterone should be used a minimum of twice a day, as levels begin dropping after about 13 hours. Dropping back down to the 100mg, would have disrupted the cycle. It's essential to stick to a chosen amount, one that helps all symptoms, before reducing. And then only reduce by about 16mg per reduction. There is nothing we can do about the erratic cycles, the ovaries are now slowing down. But we can stop heavy bleeding by using high amounts. In fact bleeding can be stopped completely by amounts of 600mg/day, although some women have to go up to 900mg/day for this to occur. Using progesterone in very high amounts, suppresses oestrogen to the point the lining is not made. So no bleeding will occur. There is more info on our Menstruation page.
A hyst often makes matters worse. The bleeding will of course stop, but hormones are severely disrupted, and other symptoms can appear, usually emotional. Controlling heavy bleeding does take time, as you'll see from the comments I've given you, and progesterone alone is often not enough for some women. Take care Wray

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