Period after two weeks- do I start progesterone again?

by Michelle
(New Jersey)

Hello I am on my second month of progesterone therapy and both months my period came early but the second time only after two weeks. My doctor considered it break through bleeding but it felt like a period to me with all the symptoms. It lasted five days and in thatbtime I had a blood test which showed my estradiol low at 26, which from what my doctor said previously means that I was on my period. Now I am due to see her at the end of the month but in the meantime am wondering if I should start my progesterone again since starting from day 1 would bring me to this very week, only days after I stopped my previous month's progesterone. There will only be a lapse of two days between progesterone cycles and technically I could take them all the way through if I start on day 10 like my doctor thinks may be the next step for me since I have a short cycle. I believe day 12 is Not right for me to start progesterone as I ovulate around day 7/8 it seems. So my question is do I just keep taking my progesterone or do I wait till day 12 or do I just wait until next month after my next cycle since this one came so early?

Thanks so much for your help

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