peri-menopause and insomnia

by Yoon
(Portland, OR)

I'm 46 year old female, and I started having severe peri-menopause symptoms since August of 2013. It was so bad the first 3 months I made to ER 3 times. I thought there was something wrong with my heart, and then it was extreme anxiety. My Doc gave me anti depressant and sleeping pills which didn't help at all. I started taking Black Cohosh and I was getting better slowly, very slowly. My insomnia was still intolerable at times and I've tried hypnotherapy as well as acupuncture but it was a little or no help. I found out about Progesterone cream a couple months ago, and started using it at a low dose (40mg~80mg/day) and it helped with my sleep the first month fro about 2 weeks. Then I stopped using cream for my cycle, and I had a really bad time during my cycle. I restarted after 5 days, but this time progesterone didn't help at all. I came across your website, and started using more cream 100mg~200mg which made my symptoms worse. Now my insomnia is worse than ever. I can't hardly sleep. So desperate, I started using 400mg since yesterday. I had NO SLEEP last night. I'm going to continue using 400mg from now on and see if it'll help. Can anyone tell me this will really help me? Please I need some hope to get through this difficult time! I'll appreciate any comments!

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Jan 17, 2014
peri-menopause and insomnia
by: Yoon

It's been 4 days using 400mg progesterone cream, and I slept OK 1 night, the 2nd night. Last night I ended up using 100mg more during the night since I couldn't sleep, but didn't help :(
My anxiety and mood swings seemed improved tremendously ever since I started high dose of cream though.

I currently take 3000mg of fish oil, 1000 mg of evening primrose oil and 10,000IU Vitamin D. Also I started taking Cortisol Manager which my acupuncturist recommended. Also I'm doing Epsom Salt foot bath as well as taking 1tsp of salt in warm water before bed to help with insomnia. I don't know what else I can do!!!

Jan 17, 2014
peri-menopauase and insomnia
by: RJ

Hello Yoon!
If you read my posts you will see I did suffer with your same issues. I only went to the ER once though and the doctor twice. If it were me I would stay on 500mg and higher a're going to feel all sorts of strange things as the progesterone tries to become the dominant hormone...the estrogen is the bad one here. I also take 500mg GABA at night and 1,000-2,000mg a day of taurine...all three of those things help calm. It's a long road and it's not an overnight cure as say a pill a doctor would prescribe to help your acid reflux or even a high blood pressure pill. Natural cures take a long time...I'm at two years and finally seeing results. God Bless! RJ

Jan 20, 2014
Thanks RJ!
by: Yoon

Thank you RJ for the encouragement! I've been on around 480mg/ 3tsp of Natpro for the last 4 days and I've been feeling so much better. Sleep is still hit or miss. I only sleep every other day but it's better than before!
I wonder how long it's going to take to overcome the estrogen dominancy.... Am I ever going to feel normal again??

Jan 21, 2014
peri-menopause and insomnia
by: RJ

Hi Yoon!
Well that's a good dose. Try the GABA and helps with the insomnia too. Oh, that's a hard one to answer....will you ever feel normal again. If you asked me today, at age 48, I will tell you no I have not felt normal for well over two years. Will it ever come back to me...I'm hoping after menopause. My cycles are irregular, I constantly have to pay attention to them to know how much progesterone I have to take each day. Spot today, nothing tomorrow or the next and then a regular flow again for a week or two....up and down, up and down. Some months I get lucky and ovulate and it's somewhat normal, but those months are so rare anymore. So, all not normal, but all related to peri-menopause, so I don't really worry too much about it...can't because I cannot change it. Sex drive comes and goes...but it's way gone compared to how it was a few years back. We just have to accept this change, which is so major to our bodies and just try and take things, like progesterone and all the other supplements, that will help us be the most comfortable and sociable with ourselves and others through this transition. That's the only way I can answer it. Age 30-35 is a thing of the past for all of us peri women. Hang in there...took me two years to get this far. It's not going to happen overnight Yoon. Be patient with yourself and most importantly, listen to your body. God Bless! RJ

Jan 23, 2014
You are right.
by: Yoon

I guess I have to accept it as is and move on. I realize that wanting to go back where I was before all this peri-menopause started is pointless. I'll deal with what I'm going through and move on with my life. I'm just glad that I found progesterone cream and this blog! I'll keep reading and keep going one day at a time :)

I did read about your other posts explaining what you've been through and I felt really bad. What I've been through is not as bad as yours or some other people posting on this blog. Hopefully we'll all come out strong after all this!!!
thanks again for your post!

Jan 30, 2014
I found help for insomnia!
by: Yoon

It's been 16 days since I started using Natpro 480mg. All my other symptoms such as racing heart, blurred vision, brain fog, depression and mood swings are all GONE!! I FEEL NORMAL!
Sleeping is still a bit of an issue but I tried this remedy I found on line for the last 2 nights and I slept pretty good both nights which is very rare so I want to share it with you. I took below supplements 30 minutes before bed time.

1500mg tryptophan (x3 500mg pills)
400mg chelated magnesium (x2 200mg pills)
250~500mg GABA

I'm also taking taurine during the day and cortisol manager when I feel restless.

I hope this will help ones with stubborn insomnia like mine.

Feb 02, 2014
peri-menopause and insomnia
by: RJ

Wonderful news Yoon! Drink some Himalayan salts...about a half a teaspoon mixed in warm water at bed that will help too. Wray recommended this some time ago for a woman with adrenal fatigue and insomnia and I started it also....sleep isn't an issue any longer. Here's to many years of "normal" for you! God Bless! RJ

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