Pelvic Floor Myalgia

by Vicki

Hi Wray:

I have been healthy all of my life.....never went to a doctor....was a nationally ranked athlete, worked out all of the time, long time vegan, etc. I came down with pelvic floor dysfunction (the one from tight muscles, not loose ones). Basically, my pelvic floor muscles are tight, and cause me constant rectal pain, some vaginal pain, bowel issues and painful bladder syndrome. Because of all of this, I have become very anxious and depressed (and I was always a happy and positive person before this). I have been to a bio-identical hormone doctor and had my hormones tested....and yes, I still make some estrogen and I have no progesterone....which makes me estrogen dominant.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Doctors have really been of no help for me. I am in physical therapy...but it is a long road, even if you can get better or not. I suffer daily with pain, as well as fear/anxiety of not getting better and depression. Part of all of this is that I no longer can work out, so I have no outlet.

Thanks so much and I really enjoy your site.


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Dec 17, 2017
Pelvic floor
by: Rachel

Whatever you do don’t get injections to relieve the pain. I know someone who did and she is now unable to tolerate histamines and she is in agony.
She recommends sea buckthorn but it may have been to heal mucous membranes. I will do more research x

Dec 18, 2017
Pelvic Floor Myalgia
by: Joy

Hi Vicki

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain. Sadly I do not know much about pelvic floor myalgia or how to advise. If your progesterone level is low, it would cause estrogen dominance. Please consider using a good organic progesterone cream such at Natpro. Try inserting some cream in your vagina a night and see if that will help to ease the pain.

You might want to read these pages on how to use progesterone cream correctly should you decide to use it.

I do hope that the pain will ease soon.

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance

Vitamin D3


Dec 18, 2017
pelvic floor..
by: Anonymous

So sorry you are going through this. Muscles need magnesium! Are you taking that? Ideally magnesium glycinate for better absorption. Also electrolyte formulas help by adding magnesium and potassium and other minerals to reduce muscle cramping. It sounds like you have intense muscle cramping and together with the emotional anxiety and tension, this is adding more to the tightness. Vitamin D3 is vital for the joints, and needed for Progesterone to do its thing. Progesterone is wonderful for reducing inflammation, and certainly for reducing any estrogen dominance! You don't state you age. Estrogen dominance can show its nasty face at any age!

In addition to all the things to take internally, I am a strong believer in the practice of daily meditation. When we face any issue, particularly dealing with physical pain, the mind becomes more fearful and anxious and then in turn causes more physical pain. It can be a vicious circle. By learning to calm the mind the body can heal faster. Meditation is extraordinary for this. Learning to deeply breathe throughout ALL situations is something most people don't think about. They take breathing for granted. As someone said, "Establish a relationship with your breathing". Breathe into pain, anxiety and allow it to shift.

Dec 18, 2017
pelvic floor..
by: Anonymous

I also meant to add that Vitamin D 3 can help with depression!
The level of blood testing needs to be ideally between 70 -100ng/ml.
And certainly Progesterone!

Continue reading this site for information about it.

Dec 19, 2017
Pelvic Floor Myalgia/Dysfunction Add'l Info
by: Vicki Cosio

Hi Everyone and thanks so much for your comments.

I am estrogen dominant (15 estrogen) and .3 progesterone when I got tested when this all happened. I also have IBS symptoms, but don't know if I really have that, or it is the tight muscles that is causing things not to move correctly. I have read that estrogen dominance can cause constipation and IBS...and interestingly, this all started a couple of years ago when I started having multiple bowel movements in the morning. I just thought it was because I ate too much fiber being vegan....but it was probably a form of constipation and tight muscles, and not being able to get everything out at once. I eat a lot of fiber, so that is not the cause....and then found out about pelvic floor myalgia. I still have this problem, but probably worse. (Sorry, TMI)!!

I am 54 but got this ten months ago at 53. I appreciate SO much all of your comments, most of which I am doing. I consulted a bio-identical hormone doctor and am on natural progesterone (but he only believes in the pills)! So, I am taking 200mg pills, but I also have natural progesterone cream......that I got from a compounded pharmacy. I will try inserting that into my vagina. Believe it or not, my urogynecologist has had me on vaginal estrogen for months, and of course nothing has gotten better. I am going to stop that and use the progesterone. I know how estrogen causes mast cell proliferation, both of which are indicated in IBS and painful bladder syndrome. I also can't pass gas anymore...this truly is the most painful condition I have ever heard of, and I am no baby to pain.

I also am starting to at least meditate into my pain. It is hard for me, as I have always been such a "doer" and athlete....but you are right in the power of the mind. I do take magnusium....but I take citrate. I will look for that other kind. I did buy a strong electrolyte pill with potassium and magnesium and other trace minerals at Whole Foods, and see if that does the trick. I have read this site for months. From what I have been may take months for progesterone to do it's magic and become progesterone dominant. My bio-identical hormone doctor said I should have felt better in days, but I don't think that is true. I did get my D3 tested and it was low (37)...but I have been supplementing for about 6 weeks or so.

Does ANYONE have any other suggestions for my awful rectal pain? That is the one that is killing me. I feel like I always have a golf ball there. I have been in physical therapy and myofascial release for about 4 months.

Thanks so much everyone for your support!!!

Dec 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you are doing good things. Your desire to get better by allowing your mind to settle as best you can via meditation will help to bring into your mind information at an even better level. Also, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, better known as tapping, is fantastic too. Look up Dr. Kim D'eramo on youtube.She is wonderful - A mind/body doctor. There a lots of videos of hers regarding tapping.

I would take the advice given on this site about the cream version of progesterone as opposed to pills. Most will be destroyed in the liver when taken orally.

Your vitamin D level is very low. You want to see that level well above 70ng/ml. I think that will make a huge difference. It's not difficult to do. Just take enough, around 10,000 units a day and test again in a few months. It's also hugely anti inflammatory for joints, etc. Vitamin D is essential for the progesterone to work best. And you can put the progesterone cream right up the bottom! See if that helps where there is that discomfort.

Magnesium is so important too. People need more than they realize. Glad to hear about the electrolytes. I hope that helps.

All in all, if you get your Progesterone level where it needs to be, your vitamin D as well and magnesium, I think you will see a difference. Hang in there. You are on a good path!

Dec 22, 2017
Thank you
by: Vicki

Thanks so much anonymous for all of your advice. I didn't know the progesterone can go up your bottom.....something else to try!!

Dec 23, 2017
Pelvic floor myalgia
by: Rachel

If magnesium tablets don’t seem to be doing much, try magnesium oil! And Epsom salt baths. X

Dec 23, 2017
A Few Thoughts
by: Leona

Hi Vickie,

I wanted to offer a few things you can google for a better understanding of what might be going on with your pelvic floor.
I’ve researched for many years and now believe the root cause of our issues come from autonomic nervous system imbalance. That we become sympathetic dominant (flight or fight") and no longer spend enough time "parasympathetic" the rest, digest, healing mode.

When we’re sympathetic dominant or stressed we burn through minerals and hormones faster than we can take them in by supplementing. We drain the body’s reserves. I believe rectal spasms are adrenaline surges. The body resorts to this I believe as a back up system. The body can pump unbelievable amounts of adrenaline or it can come and go at different times. The Vagus nerve goes to the pelvic floor organs, it’s the parasympathetic nerve.

One option to test this, ask your doctor if she would write you a small RX for Tramadol (google Tramadol blocks adrenaline). Tramadol is a post surgery moderate pain reliever, it allows you to keep a pretty clear head and not interfere with going about your day. I find the most relief about 5 hours later. I’ve used it occasionally for back pain, upper gas pain which is brutal and anxiety or just can’t sleep. I believe it’s something to use when nothing else helps and you need relief. If it helps you then maybe it would point you in the direction of needing to reduce adrenaline, if not you look elsewhere.

Hair mineral analysis (about 175.) is a fascinating science that shows where our autonomic balance is. I’m very sympathetic dominant with low adrenal function and low mineral levels. Once the body gets to this burned out level it lacks the energy needed to detox and you hold on to toxic metals etc. making everything worse. Because everyone is unique, supplementing without knowing your mineral levels doesn’t often help. It’s not about replacement therapy as much as ratios between minerals, just like hormones. Many of us are estrogen dominant, it can also mean we’re copper toxic, there is also a tendency for vegetarians to be copper toxic. Unfortunately there are so many issues that need to be addressed to create balance again. We got here by a 1,000 tiny steps and I think it takes many to get back.

I’m sure you would love to find something that just specifically helps your issues and get back to life as you knew it! I hear you! I hope this doesn’t all sound too crazy, it’s a lot to take in. This email is getting too long but I have more things to offer for healing if you’re interested. Definitely the direction of mediation and tapping can be very beneficial moving back to the parasympathetic state and strengthening the Vagus nerve.

You mentioned you consume a lot of fiber, do you eat organically? Roundup is sprayed on wheat, oats, lentils etc. just before harvesting.
A really good video is Sally Gray ND vagus nerve on Youtube.
Also google Isa Herrera pelvic pain relief, she has books and a program.

vagul nerve rectum pain
nutritional balancing dr wilson for hair mineral analysis

autonomic nervous system sympathetic dominant

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