PCOS & TTC with Progesterone

by Amanda
(Austin, TX)

Hi everyone, I'm 32 and just started trying to conceive with my husband. I've had PCOS for a while now and pretty irregular periods. Sometimes skip 3 months, sometimes normal, sometimes I will bleed for 3 months straight with a light flow. Recently I have been bleeding since October and started supplementing with 180mg of cream and it stopped the bleeding after 2 days. I also feel so much better since then. My estrogen must have been high and progesterone very low. It has been a week now and I'm thinking about lowering my dosage, since I want to ovulate. Should I continue the same dosage until my next period and then try a lower dosage (maybe 120mg) after ovulation? I'm just so excited things are feeling normal again but I don't want to mess up my cycle even more. Anybody experience something similar? Thank you for reading.

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Jan 12, 2022
PCOS & TTC with Progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Amanda

I am delighted that things are working out for you and thank you for trusting advice given, be it here on the forums or the website.

If your periods are back to normal now, then use the cream by following your regular cycle i.e. your luteal phase. If not, then I suggest using the cream at 180mg per day every day. Bearing in mind that advice given is based on a 3.33% progesterone cream. Anything else then you will need to adjust.

I would suggest that you continue as you are for another month or two and let the body really adjust to everything. Once your period is regular, then and only then start to reduce slowly

The PCOS and Pregnancy pages may be helpful to you.

Good luck and I wish you well.

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