PCOS or just low progesterone?

by Kristina Saida

Hi. I am 25 years old and from Germany. 2 ago years my health problems started when I began to take birth control pills. I started to get acne for the first time in my life. Later I was getting panic attacks, I had troubles to fall asleep, I was sweating extremely and my heart was beating like crazy and I started to gain weight. I decided to stop taking the BC pills but the problems remained. Six months later I developed excess hair all over my face and body. My gyn prescribed the BC pills again. Within a few weeks after taking the pills all the veins on my body suddenly enlarged and became highly visible and I had extreme pain in my legs. I also developed stretch marks all over my body. Again I stopped taking the BC pills but even 1 year later I can't recover from this. damage. The doctors tell me that this is genetically and nothing can be done. Strange, nobody in my family has these problems and I also never had any sign of it before taking BC. The endocrinologist diagnoesed me with PCOS and insulin resistance (HOMA-IR:2,6). Even though all of my hormones were in the normal range. And I don't have any cysts on my ovaries. But it always seemed strange to me that my progesterone was on the lower end of the normal range but it didn't bother the endrocrinologist. But I found out that he didn't test in on the ight day of my cycle. He always tested it on the 5-7 day.
So I decided to let my progesterone levels tested on the 21 day of my cycle and guess what it is too low.

Progesterone: 0,1 µ (Normal range: Follicular phase: 0,2-1,5, mid cycle 0,8-3,0, luteal phase: 1,7-27,0, post menopause: 0,1-0,8)

Estrogen: 52 ng/L (Normal range: follicular phase: 25-300, Ovulation: 150- 450, 35-300, post menopause <25)

I have the progesterone levels of a woman in the post menopause. So maybe all of my problems are not due to PCOS but i am just having low progesterone. Is it possible? All my symptoms fit to low progesterone. Unfortunately doctors in germany don't really treat low progesterone and don't even see it as a problem.

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