pcos and weight gain

( Pennsylvania)

I am hoping you can help my daughter who was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 15.
In a nutshell:
Age 13 : 117 pounds, 5'7", lean and the picture of health
Age 13: first menstrual cycle
Age 13 1/2: random and missing menstrual cycles
Age 14 : sudden/severe onset of weight(20 pounds in 3 months)
Age 14: still random/missing menstrual cycles, hormones tested and given diagnosis of pcos
Age 15: concussion that, we are told, shuts down her ovaries
: loses ALL excess weight, looks and feels great
: no menstrual cycle for 15 months
Age 17: put on myo inositol to bring about period
: gets period within 5 days of starting myo inositol
: sudden/severe weight gain (20 pounds in 3 months)

Please tell me what is going on. It is hard to find a doctor to tell us what to do.
Here are her current labs:

Free testosterone: 3.0 pg/ml
total testosterone: 43 ng/dl
Estradiol : 78 pg/ml
17 Hydroxyprogesterone: 72 ng/dl
FSH: 3.29 miu/ml
LH: 6.59 miu/ml

Thank you for any suggestions and help.
She looks bloated and uncomfortable and is not at all happy
Thank you,
A concerned mom

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Feb 11, 2015
pcos and weight gain
by: Wray

Hi there We do have a page on PCOS you could look through. It gives symptoms, plus the nutrients needed to reverse the PCOS. One of which is inositol. What I believe has occurred is by stimulating the ovaries to start working again, they are only producing testosterone and oestrogen, hence the weight gain, see here, here, here, here and here. And here and here. Your daughter's free testosterone is within normal range, but at the highest level. FSH and LH should be approximately the same level, but if LH is higher than FSH, which it is, it's an indication that a person has PCOS. It appears your daughter is not ovulating, and therefore not making progesterone. The 17 Hydroxyprogesterone is not the progesterone normally checked, this hormone is made primarily in the adrenals, with a little being made by the corpus luteum. It would be essential for your daughter to use progesterone, a cream is generally the easiest and most effective. The PCOS page explains how to go about it. Take care Wray

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