by Tracey Weaver

I would like to know if the PCO formula can be used along with progesterone cream?

I am on all the convential drugs for PCO. When would you advise to come off these drugs or to start cutting them down.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Sep 29, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Tracey Yes it can be and in fact should be used, progesterone is a vital part of PCO treatment. It's often far too low, if not non-existant. The nutrients in the formula have all been used individually to successfully treat PCO. We have recently had one woman with PCO who was taking it, write in to say she fell pregnant, but lost the baby early, as she didn't realise she was pregnant and had stopped using the cream. I'm very against drugs, but can't advise you to stop taking them, the decision has to be yours. But one thing I'd like to point out is the approach is wrong, as it doesn't cure the problem. For instance metformin lowers blood glucose, but what is causing this to be high in the first place. Often it's no more than a lack of vitamin D. This is such a critical nutrient, and is the first thing which should be tested for in PCO. Glucose is one of the most oxidising substances there is, for more info please see here. High glucose and oxidative stress lead to glycation. This occurs when a sugar molecule binds to a protein or lipid molecule without the control of an enzyme. This impairs the function of the molecule, leading to advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), resulting in many of our inflammatory diseases, of which PCO is one. Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant. Another cause of high blood glucose are foods high in sweet or starchy carbs. These must be avoided. If you've been put on a contraceptive too, this can cause insulin resistance, which is one of the causes of PCO. It doesn't solve the problem either, it might give a regular cycle, but it's not a natural one. One thing it does is suppress ovarian function, which means you will not be ovulating at all and therefore making no progesterone. The aim is to get the natural cycle going and ovulation occurring. It takes time using natural supps, but they do work, as you hopefully saw when reading the research papers. Take care Wray

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