Patient with PCO

by Tracey Weaver

I am a homeopath and myself have been using progesterone therapy for 3 years now with amazing results.

I have a patient with PCO she is on all the conventional medication for this ie, birth control pill, metformin and clomiphene citrate , also as she has high chlosestrol they want to put her on statins and beta blockers to elivate the migraines she is now suffering from the medication...

Your PCO formula is I feel what she needs to be on, should she also be using the progesterone cream at the same time as taking the formula?

Look forward to hearing from you kind regards Tracey weaver

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Sep 19, 2010
Patient with PCO
by: Wray

Hi Tracey I'm so pleased progesterone has been helping you, I don't know what I'd do without it, and that's after using it for 14 years now. How they can put your patient on birth control which stops ovarian function, including ovulation, and at the same time give clomiphene to stimulate ovulation beats me! Metformin is only controlling blood glucose, which is but one aspect of PCO, it's not curing the cause which is oxidative stress. This causes the ovaries to malfunction, producing far too much oestrogen and testosterone. LH is often too high too, with ovulation absent or very erratic, leading to low progesterone levels. To suppress these three hormones and to get the ovaries back on track, much more progesterone is needed. Which is why I recommend 150-200mg/day progesterone. The 15-20mg/day which is normally recommended, is the amount the body makes when all is normal, there's nothing normal about PCO, or any of the other problems which can afflict us. I don't recommend using any during the follicular phase, the idea is to follow the cycle, we make no progesterone from our ovaries during this phase. On the other hand if symptoms are bad, I do advise using a high amount of progesterone daily for a few cycles to give the ovaries a rest, and to suppress the three hormones. Progesterone acts a contraceptive if high enough amounts are used prior to ovulation. This stops the ovaries making eggs, and of course oestrogen and testosterone. It also stops the pituitary making LH, tricking it into believing ovulation has taken place. Excess LH also stops ovulation. The formula is based on the many successful studies done with various supplements and PCO. It does take time to help, the studies give between 4-6 months. We've just had one successful case of a girl with PCO falling pregnant. She had been taking the formula for 5 months, but not realising she was pregnant she had stopped using progesterone and miscarried. If your patient is trying to fall pregnant, please get her to read the page we have on Pregnancy. And please ask her to have a vitamin D test done, I feel this is the most important nutrient lacking in PCO. Take care Wray

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