Panick Attack?

by Kimberly
(Austin, Texas)

I am 26 years old for years there has been something wrong with me hormonally- irregular periods, hirsutism, possible thyroid problems etc. Of course I could not rely on traditional doctors to diagnose me after years of trying to. So I did some research on my own and came across Dr. John Lees book. I had only used progesterone cream for 2 months and got pregnant! I have never been pregnant before so that was awesome. Unfortunately that ended in a strange miscarriage. I had the miscarriage "episode" with horrible contractions and everything, and I thought everything came out. Then almost 2 months later I was still bleeding lightly, and an emotional wreck(literally crying everyday for no reason). Then one day the fetal sac came out! I thought it had before but this was not bloody. It was round, slightly translucent and opaque in the middle and I could see the little capillaries. After that I felt a sense of relief, and the crying stopped.

So I decided to start using it again after the miscarriage, and I feel much better. I am expecting my period, so I stopped using the hormones a few days ago to try to be on the correct cycle, and yesterday I had a sudden out of the blue full blown panic attack. I was scared and wanted to leave work, but I drank a glass of water and decided to use a little progesterone cream and it really helped! I was shocked, i didn't think that it would work! Now I know its a hormonal imbalance for sure. I haven't done a saliva test but I'm going to order one, I am just scared of going off the progesterone! My main question is-should I stay on the progesterone even though I should be on my period right now? Also, how does that work, does your uterine lining keep building up? Is it safe to use progesterone straight through? I don't understand the process. Thank you so much for your time and helpful information, its a Godsend!

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Apr 16, 2012
spotting on progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Kimberly It sounds as if you could possibly have PCOS, has anyone checked for it? Have a look through the list of symptoms to see if you could have it. Whether you do or not the page does give info on how to reverse the symptoms you do have. I'm delighted the progesterone helped you fall pregnant, but it's evident you were not using enough, hence the miscarriage which sounds traumatic. Progesterone levels fall sharply after a Pregnancy or miscarriage, which explains the crying. We also have another page here you could read too. Unfortunately stopping the progesterone as you did can cause severe symptoms, leading to Oestrogen Dominance, women are rarely warned about it. It is normal to stop just prior to bleeding, but if oestrogen is still the dominant hormone, all hell can break loose. We do have a page on Anxiety which explains panic attacks. I always suggest women who have severe symptoms use the progesterone daily, through any bleeding too, for 2-3 months. This ensures progesterone becomes the dominant hormone, maybe you would consider doing this. Oestrogen is responsible for building the lining, not progesterone. We have more info about this on our Menstruation page. Plus you might like to see our page on How to use progesterone cream. Thanks for the kind words! Take care Wray

Apr 17, 2012
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you, I just wanted to know that it was safe to use a small amount of progesterone during my period, and that it wouldn't cause any issues in my uterus. So that's what I'm planning on doing. The whole time I thought that the progesterone was responsible for building the uterine lining because it "supports a healthy fetus". Also, yes I was diagnosed with symptoms of PCOS, the weird thing is that for the last 2 or 3 years I've had my period every month...that's about the only thing that is consistent is my period. Just heavy. Thank you for the help.

Apr 17, 2012
thank you
by: Wray

Hi there I'm pleased you've decided to use the progesterone daily for a bit, I know it will help. Don't be surprised if bleeding comes earlier or later than normal, this can happen but it does settle down. Progesterone and oestrogen can be a bit confusing, particularly as you say progesterone supports a healthy foetus. Which it does of course, but the lining has to thicken prior to this. I thought you might have PCOS, it doesn't always follow that the cycle is disrupted, it can be in severe cases. You might consider taking some of the nutrients listed to help the symptoms. I've found progesterone alone doesn't reverse PCOS. I didn't realise you had heavy bleeding, I've found this needs 400mg/day to stop it. You might consider taking 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, this inhibits the MMPs which cause excessive bleeding. There's info about them on the menstruation page I gave you. And you might like to see these comments here for encouragement. NAC is also one of the nutrients which helps reverse PCOS. Take care Wray

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