Painful bladder

by chris andretti

I was dx with IC/BPS last year. I keep telling the doctors that my symptoms flared up with my cycle but was told there was nothing that could be done "about that".
I am wondering if progesterone could help and how I should use it, any ideas?
Thank you for listening.

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Jan 06, 2015
by: Diane

Hi there~
I vaguely remember reading but I cannot remember where, that optimum levels of Vit D (atleast 50 on blood test) and the use of P daily, a minimum of 100mg to 200mg daily (for some more to overcome E dominance) is very helpful with managing IC symptoms.... Don't ever let a dr tell you that Vit D levels around 30 or 40 are "normal" It is not.... Vit D needs to be at a minimum of 50... Mine is 80... I take 10,0000iu daily. Also with P nothing lower than 100mg daily due to E DOMINANCE..I USE 200mg cream daily...
Good luck...

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