Pain following period

by Sandy

I came across your site looking for answers. I suspect I am lacking progesterone. I have a pelvic tenderness / bruised feeling that comes after my period and last for a week or so. It sometimes correlates with a lower back / hip pain that I get for a week here and there. Inside it feels like its between bladder and uterus and the uterus and ovaries all feel tender in that region during that time.

I first noticed this tenderness before my third pregnancy and went to the Dr where an ultrasound came up that everything was fine. Pap-smear was fine also.

This tenderness went away during pregnancy and breast feeding and returned about a year or so ago. At 6 weeks pregnant and about 6 weeks postpartum I had a couple of days of the same back pain that was significantly worse. I also suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic worrying over my health even though I am a healthy person. I also get tender breasts before my period. My cycle fluctuates between 22-28 days with 7 days of bleeding sometimes 9 lately though. I was getting headaches regularly but found that they reduced significantly when I cut out gluten and wheat from my diet. All other symptoms are vague.

I always feel better for lying in the sun and magnesium cream really helps the tender areas. I have a natural progesterone cream but am scared to use it as of the cancer warning on it.

I have tried many alternative avenues also with acupuncture, mayan abdominal massage, nutrition and supplements through a very comprehensive blood chemistry evaluation. But I still have this tenderness and pain.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Feb 16, 2017
Pain following period
by: Joy

Hi Sandy

If you are not supplementing with progesterone my guess is that you are deficient, hence the reason why you experienced no tenderness during pregnancy I am not sure what could be causing your pelvic pain. One of the symptoms for Endometriosis is lower back pain. Did the ultrasound pick that up at all? Progesterone is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Please rub the cream on the painful areas and see if you get some relief.

You do not state your age, but please read the Peri-Menopause page, it is a time when the monthly cycle becomes very erratic and your adverse symptoms are definitely crying out Estrogen Dominance.

The sun always makes us feel better, but what is your Vitamin D3 level? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and Stress will certainly have an affect too, it destroys progesterone, vitamin D3, B Vitamins etc etc. More needs to be taken during stressful times.

Progesterone does not cause cancer. It is not a carcinogen, but rather a mitogen. In other words it inhibits cell proliferation. I certainly wouldn't be using it if it did and I have been using progesterone for 13/14 years now.

Please read the following pages and the references as they will help you to understand what to expect and what is needed. If progesterone is not used correctly,it will not work.

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance


Emory Paper




Menstrual Cycle

Vitamin D3


Feb 17, 2017
Pain following period
by: Sandy

Hi Joy,

Thanks. I am 36 in age and no the scan didn't show Endo, I thought the only way to tell if you have that is through laparoscopy. I don't get pain with my period only the mid-cycle tenderness.

Yes stress is something I am trying to work on, it's been a very difficult and vicious cycle and it has left me feeling very down and suicidal of late at times. I worry about the pain being something much worse and that leads to me worrying of all kinds of trivial things. I realise its my thought patterns, but when I'm in it, its hard to see.

My period the last couple of months has been 9 days long and when some cycles are only 23 days it seems like a long time. I find out my Vitamin D levels this coming week as they are something I was working on bringing up.

I have read through those links, thankyou.

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