Ovarian cysts & progesterone

by Beverley Andrews

Thank you Wray for your comments regarding my Mothers problem. The progesterone cream is Doctor formulated with 1800mg of natural progesterone. Each 1/4 teaspoon of cream supplies 20mg of progesterone. Mum is using a 1/4 teaspoon each morning. I think maybe she should use another 1/4 teaspoon at night also ? I shall invest in GABA for her & also Taurine, plus a good multi B complex. Beverley Andrews

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Sep 27, 2007
Ovarian cysts & progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Beverley I feel the extra 1/4 teaspoon won't be enough. That will only give her 40mg/day, which is barely detectable in the body. All the successful studies done with progesterone use between 100-200mg/day, which would mean you would have to use 5ml (1 teasp) of an 1800mg cream per day, to get the minimum.

I really feel you should try the higher dose, certainly initially. It really is very safe. They give via IV, doses as high as 600mg/day in traumatic brain injury. Take care Wray

Oct 20, 2007
Ovarian cysts & progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Beverley I'm puzzled you've been told 1/4 teaspoon gives 20mg. If it's an 1800mg cream, then 1gram of cream would give you 30mg progesterone. A 1/4 teasp is 1.25ml/g so she would be getting ±37.5mg of progesterone each dose. 2 doses is not really enough, but if you up the dose to 3 x per day then she would be.

I don't know how much the cream is costing you, but we've found ours to be very cost effective. It's has organic ingredients too, so you might like to try it! Please let me know how she gets on with the GABA, taurine and the B complex! Take care Wray

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