Ovarian Cysts Heavy Periods every month

My Dr. is sending me to a gynecologist because I have been getting a small cyst on whatever ovary is ovulating, every month. This was confirmed by ultrasound. The symptoms that I have been experiencing are heavy periods (blood clots every month) bloating and constipation, anemia and low Vitamin D. My Dr. has talked about putting me on birth conrol... I had a tubal ligation 13 years ago.. I want to go about this as natural as possible.. Should I ask for bio identical natural progesterone birth control pills or would taking progesterone cream be sufficient. Thanks!

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May 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

Please read Dr. Lee's books on natural progesterone and bio-identical hormones. There is "no" progesterone birth control pills. Dr. Lee is the true founder of the benefits of natural progesterone. Here is the link:

A couple titles of his books:

1."What Doctors may not tell you about Menopause"

2."What Doctors may not tell you about Breast Cancer"

I have been on bio-identical hormones for 8 years now, it is has really changed my life and health. Please note, you will most likely need to see an Integrative doctor who believes in healing and "curing" the problem. Having hormones levels checked then bio-identical hormones compounded specifically for your needs. Dr. Lee's books and website will explain everything. He is the "founder" to alert about balancing hormones "non-synthetic" way.

Best wishes and journeys to you...

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