out of the pot into the fire with Soto Pellet "Therapy"

by C. Hutch

I was menopausal at 57 and suffered with 24/7 hot flashes and fatigue. I was disappointed to find little help from the patch my GYNO prescribed.

After break through bleeding lightly, she scared me to death with a call from her staff nurse who said the doc wants you to have a sonogram and biopsy and possible cancer.

I left that doctor who was too young to have been through the change herself so how could she know how crazy and desperate I felt.

I heard about Soto Pellets from a friend and without any reservation i plunged in and stayed the course for 2 years in spite of ridiculous anxiety and panic attacks, break through bleeding and belly fat weight gain. Benefits were no more hot flashes. I asked for the lowest doses of both estrogen and testosterone. I couldn't tolerate the testosterone at all. Pretty sure the imbalance I had already developed was now 10 times worse. So I stopped the Pellets and progesterone.

I bought the over the counter menopause supplements like Esterone and MACA powder. After 2 weeks of starting to feel better the anxiety began again and I started bleeding and haven't stopped in almost 4 weeks now. Heavy bleeding and clotting with cramping and fatigue. I have never had this happen ever in my life.

I started back on 100 mg of progesterone for about a week now and am hoping that will help stop the bleeding.

I will have to find another GYNO and hopefully find my way back to a balanced body.

I'll keep looking for information and experience from other women who are in the midst of similar situations...Seems we can help each other by sharing information much better then some of the doctors can.

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