Ostioporosis greatly helped by natural Progesterone

by Frango

My story is about the colour xrays taken two years apart have show about 23% increase in bone density in the neck of the Femur. This happened after they used Progesterone cream for just 12 of the 24 months.

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May 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

Woow, thank You for sharing this great success!! I combat the osteoporosis in my 39 and this is a huge encouragement for me! I´ve a lot of other diseases and began to use Natpro before 2weeks. Because of Your message my day started beautifully!! :)

May 31, 2014
Osteoporosis greatly helped by Natural Progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Frango

That is fabulous news and thank you for sharing it. Progesterone does indeed help with Oesteoporosis, but other nutrients are needed too. Vitamin D is vital for bones and a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Depending on how severe symptoms are, between 100-200mg of the correct progesterone concentration should be used daily, possibly more.

Please read Estrogen Dominance when using progesterone for the first time.

Feb 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi all,
I have just started using progesterone cream and am WAY past menopause (65) but for years have suffered from osteoporosis. Actually my Dr. found it when I was in the perimenopause stage at around 45. Of course, back then, I took the 'conventional route' with the fosomax (which I took for only 1 1/2 yrs due to stomach problems) and then started the natural route with vitamins, lots of calcium etc. Now of course I supplement with a good bit of D3 as well and cod liver oil. All of this of course helps with the aches and pains, but certainly doesn't do the whole trick. I finally started to figure out (took me long enough:) that hormone imbalance had to play a part in all of this. I have some of the usual symptoms: (of course) aches and pains, weight gain, sugar cravings, low libido, tiredness, hair thinning, and I just noticed within the last 6 months that I have a wild chin hair that has to be dealt with every so often. So....I bought some progesterone cream and have noticed that if I apply it to my lower back and hips it helps with the pain tremendously! Much better than anything I could take or use. Have only been on it a very short time, but am confused as to the dosage. My tube says to use one pump (20 mg) twice daily for a few months and gauge what my symptoms are like at that point. But I am reading that people in my situation should use 100 to 200 mg daily? First of all, you would have to cover a large area of your body with that much cream! (not very practical) So what to do? So far, I seem to be doing ok on the 40 mg daily, but I'm only into this a very short period of time. Any words of wisdom? Thanks so much for any feedback.

Feb 15, 2015
what dose?
by: Anonymous

Hello, please, can You write what dose do You use and if You follow Your cycle? It would be very important for me. Thanks!

Feb 16, 2015
Progesterone dosage
by: Frango

Re daily dosage,
Dr John R Lee saw results with his patients using even only a "small dab behind the ear" with one rather old lady.
Three weeks on and one week off also.
And not so much in the same place every time.
Not on the breast lest it stimulate Oestrogen like symptoms there, at least in the beginning.
Amazing results generally.

Feb 25, 2015
by: Anonymous

I use not quite 20 mg. of the cream. If I apply it twice a day though, I find I have more problems sleeping for some reason. (the opposite is indicated most of the time, but not for me:) Once a day in the morning after my shower seems to be helping.

Also beginning to take extra nutrients on top of what I already take (a good women's multi, lots of C, Vitamin d3, and cod liver oil, and sometimes calcium if I don't get enough through diet, also collagen hydrosylate) But now am adding (slowly) beet juice, goji berries, calcium d glucarate, and shatavari, and some kelp) NOT all at once, I will incorporate very slowly and one at a time.

The progesterone cream seems to be helping, but I think with osteoporosis lots more is needed. Healthier eating and nutrients too.

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