Oral, sublingual oil based bio-identical Progesterone for sleep

by Toni

I've had a problem with insomnia for a long time. My sleep doctor prescribed Ativan 1 mg. for sleep and it worked perfectly for quite a while. I knew it was addictive but thought that heroine addicts and alcoholics are detoxed in four days so how bad could one little 1 mg. pill be? It stopped working and I knew if I increased the dose it would work again but also knew that having to do so meant that I was addicted. My doctor said he couldn't help me detox so I went looking on the internet for help. It took me 9 very miserable months. After the detox the insomnia was terrible. The compounding pharmacist who I worked with through out the detox suggested that I try Progesterone mentioned in my title. My detox doctor prescribed it.

I was supposed to take about 125 mg. before bed but it didn't work. The pharmacist suggested that I raise the dose to a point where it finally worked. It took 900 mg. for me to get 6 hours on uninterrupted sleep. He kept saying that it couldn't hurt me, it was natural. At first I was wiped out by mid afternoon, not sleepy, just exhausted. That eventually wore off. I would be hung over all day. When I told my PCP about the dose he couldn't believe that I was on such a high dose. I felt addicted. If I didn't take the medication I didn't sleep at all.

Research in the US didn't reveal any information about the potential for addiction but I did find articles in the UK that backed up how I was responding to the medication. I have tapered down to 625 mg. and get only 4 hours of sleep with that. Just to let everyone know, I have tried every conceivable supplement, tried acupuncture, have a Fisher Wallace so when I say that I've tried everything (including sleeping pills, anti-depressants) I've done it. I would dearly love to be free of this medication,
am slowly tapering off but it's really affecting my life. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. T.O.

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Sep 27, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have insomnia too and have tried everything. I got myself off clonapen and doxylamine was working for awhile and gaba but not anymore. Tried 2 mg clonapen and slept through the night but don't want to be on that every night. 1 myg works sometimes but not always. When I started to do natpro it took 800 mg for me to sleep through the night but then it stopped working and it changed my thyroid balance and I became anxious. I no longer take progesterone cream. I just use about 10-20 mg per day as it helps my rosacea

Sep 28, 2017
Do You Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue?
by: Anonymous

I don't know if this is your problem or not.. it was mine. I have fought one huge and very tough battle to find healing and wholeness. While progesterone is very good for folks that DO NOT have diagnosed or undiagnosed adrenal fatigue or adrenal burn-out, it will play havoc with those that are in the throes of adrenal fatigue or adrenal burn-out.

I began taking progesterone in the 1990's for peri-menopausal symptoms. It worked like a charm for about a month and then the insomnia returned and from there it was terrible. I sought help from lots of different doctors.

I found this site a couple of years ago, and upped the dose of progesterone to a really high amount. It didn't work, so I still used the progesterone at high amounts until recently.

I learned through much testing that I had severe adrenal fatigue, and had likely had been suffering with it for a good many years. I also learned progesterone is not good for those with adrenal fatigue. It makes it worse. It may not be estrogen dominance that you are experiencing.

Here is a site that explains fairly well the things I have experienced. I am not free of progesterone yet, it will take me many months.

I hope you find help and complete healing.

Sep 29, 2017
Oral, sublingual progesterone..
by: Anonymous

I sincerely doubt that progesterone is the cause of your adrenal fatigue. Oral progesterone is not the way to take it ! Most of it is destroyed. And those who use it topically must remember that levels of stress can deplete it , even at high amounts. Diet, exercise, stress management play a role, a huge role. It sounds like you are trying some things along those lines, but are you really? Adrenal fatigue has to do with emotional issues by and large. Something that is of often ignored is the importance of IODINE (Lugol's) both for your thyroid and adrenal support. It's the endocrine system. Supplements such as Rhodiola, Aswhagandha help tremendously as well. Are you vitamin D levels in optimal range? It should be ideally between 60 -100ng/ml. That is extremely important to find out! And what is your diet? Is it high in glutens, dairy, sugars? Do you exercise daily? Forgive me, and I say this not with any attempt to insult , but I don't understand why women who say they no longer take progesterone still come on to this website. Please check out your vitamin D levels. Magnesium glycinate is vital for calming the body. Most women - most people for that matter - are terribly low in it. Hence restlessness, sleepless nights, muscle tension and on and on. Taurine is also important - 2, 000mg nightly, if not more. Progesterone alone is powerful, I wouldn't be without it, but it also requires other things too. No, I do not believe for a moment that progesterone caused adrenal fatigue. Wishing you the best going forward.

Sep 29, 2017
by: Kaye

I just thought I would put this out to you, too. It may not be adrenal fatigue as in exhaustion. It could be high cortisol. I have suffered with high cortisol for years. BUT before you do anything with adrenals. GET THEM TESTED by saliva test. It cost about $120. and some insurances cover it. BUT I would NEVER do a protocol without doing that test. Symptom of low and high cortisol are similar and so its hard to distinguish which you have without testing. The fix for high cortisol is a product called Seriphos by Interpexus in Washington State. The saliva testing can be done with Diagnostics in Washington State too. Hope this helps you guys. Do not mess with adrenals unless you know where you are at on the cortisol levels.

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