Oral contraceptives and progesterone cream

by Brenda

I am interested in trying Natpro to relieve symptoms possibly related to estrogen dominance. I am, however, on oral contraceptives as I am in a committed relationship. Can I take Natpro and still remain on the pill?

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Jun 10, 2008
Oral contraceptives and progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi Brenda. Yes, you can still take Natpro and remain on the Pill. It won't adversely affect the contraceptive side of the Pill. You would use the cream in the second half of the Pill cycle, at the dose recommended on the leaflet that comes with it.

If you find symptoms are still troubling you, then increase the dose till they go, then reduce back down till you've found the optimum dose. Please be aware all OC's can cause many and diverse side affects. The following can occur: depression, raised cholesterol, follicular cysts, SHBG capacity decreased, insulin resistance, lowered progesterone levels, an increased risk of cancer, an increased risk of post natal depression if taken immediately after birth. Medoxyprogesterone acetate is used to facilitate infection of herpes in animal models of sexually transmitted diseases and has been found to decrease endothelial function.

OC's also... elevate CRP leading to inflammation, with a risk of future heart disease, can cause fatty deposits on the linings of arteries, increased risk for invasive cervical cancer, causes platelet aggregation leading to blood clots.

It would be far better if you would consider using the copper T IUD, one that has not been impregnated with progestins, as the modern ones all are. Take care Wray

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