One more urgent info please

by Kate

Please, I had checked my hormonlevels after using 200mg Natpro/day for about 3.5month. For about 2.5 month I have had only brown spotting, not regularly. Now, my results are on the 3rd day of a heavy spotting/not bleeding/the next:

S-Luteinising hormone 5.14
S-FSH 9.02
S-Prolactin 7.94
S-Estradiol 126.4
S-Progesterone 6.44

Please - what does it mean? My doctor said, I have too much progesterone and have to cut it back. She said also, that I´m not in perimenopause/I have 39/ What do I have to do? /I have had irregular periods and colitis ulcerosa+heavy osteoporosis, food allergies and sensitivities, hairfalling, trouble with sleeping - also with 200mg Natpro/day/ Please, what do I have to do - here in Slovakia noone is busy with progesterone theraphy.
Thank You for the quick answer!

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