On Progesterall, bloodwork was just fine, spotting on day 8 of period?

by Maria
(Philly Burbs)

45 years old
On progesterall from mid-cycle to day 27. Period normally comes on anywhere between day 26 to 34 (all of my life, a norm)

Normally a 7 day period with 3 days of heavier bleeding then four days of spotting, going to brown.

This cycle. Wanted bloodwork (glad I did).
All hormones were normal. I stopped taking progesterall the day before (as required for bloodwork)
Luteal(sp) phase, day 21 in cycle.

Progesterall was in low norm so, norm was maybe 4-20, and mine was 5.6ish.

This month period seemed a LITTLE lighter, but now I am on day 8 with light spotting still and it's a bit red/pink, noticing only when I wipe or see on underwear.

Not scared per se but concerned; is this too out of the norm? Honestly this could have happened before but I'm so aware of my period now that I'm tracking everything that it does have me concerned.

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Apr 18, 2013
On Progesterall, bloodwork was just fine, spotting on day 8 of period?
by: Wray

Hi Maria If you have cycles varying from 26 days to 34 days, this makes 30 the average. I would suggest you start using progesterone on day 16 of your cycle. This is the average date on which you'll ovulate. The only other way you could tell would be to get a mini microscope and check when you ovulate. So in a 26 day cycle you would ovulate on day 12, in a 34 day cycle on day 20. Progesterone is normally used from ovulation for the last 14 days. I would also guess you are using a very small amount, about 20mg/day, possibly 40mg/day? I normally recommend 100-200mg/day. I'm not sure how long you've been using the progesterone, but it does upset the cycle initially, although settles down given time. I can never understand why women are told to stop using progesterone before a test, as that defeats the whole purpose, which is to find out the level. It's very rare for a test to show anything but normal, and rarely are the ratios checked either. This is the critical factor not the levels. You might like to look at the results of Saliva Tests we run. We do have a page on Menstruation which explains what's happening and how to address it. There are a few nutrients you could take if the heavy bleeding annoys you. I would also suggest increasing your progesterone substantially too. You could also look at our page on How to use progesterone cream for further info. Take care Wray

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