On and off the progesterone

by Pam Beauchamp
(Big Spring, Texas)

I do have a question. I have been trying progesterone and would love to try the NATPRO. I have been doing some research and I can tell you my research was driven by the side effects with the progesterone I have been using, which is a cream progesterone from the Wylie Protocol. I am not a happy camper with this progesterone cream.

I take vit. D, I drink blueberry smoothies with rice bran, amino acids, coconut concentrate and L glutamine. I am on a gluten free diet, and do mostly paleo diets with low carbs.

The issues I have had with the progesterone I have been using, is indigestion, IBS, which I did not have before adding the progesterone. I then researched further. I did learn that progesterone is an antispasmodic, slowing my digestion down. Therefore I get extremely constipated. I am assuming since my digestion has been slowed resulting in the addition of prgesterone. I do not sleep on the progesterone, so I researched further. I may be losing serotonin due to the IBS that is awful with the progesterone. That may be the reason I cannot sleep. I do know that my brain lights up with progesterone and that is a plus, but my brain does not hit a stage ready for sleep. I have now added Benydryl plus my Xanax.

Can you help with these issues I have on progesterone and how should I use the NATPRO. I have read the part, how to dose, and it is pretty high in progesterone. Also, what is your progesterone derived from? Is it soy, yams, or what? I am very interested in trying your product, but have been reluctant due to issues with the progesterone I have been on, which I actually stop using it and then try it again. I may not be giving it a chance, but with the IBS increase, indigestion, and no sleep without help, I am very discouraged.



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