OMG! I used to think progesterone caused further estrogen dominance thus further fibroid growth"

by Dee
(Atlanta, Ga)

Let me begin by thanking God and the Angelic world for leading me to this site. This site is absolutely THE TRUTH! I have struggled with a fibroid that began as pea size at age 39 to 9.5cm by age 55. My period has raged on at times extremely painful with baseball size clots. I used a concoction of herbs to rid my body of this fibroid and landed up in the hospital needing two blood transfusions. I have suffered with heart palpitating due to extremely low ferritin. Doctors, so clueles, kept telling me my hemoglobin was fine, never checking my Ferritin until I demanded it. And yep, it was 7---the norm is 70-100! I stumbled onto this site while scouring the internet trying to stop 20 days of bleeding. I ran out and bought NAC, Taurine and amped up my progesterone cream and like a faucet it turned off!!! For years I refrained from progesterone use not realizing that too little exacerbates estrogen dominance. Increasing my levels was the key of knowledge that I didn't possess. Obg's are clueless and only concerned with removing your uterus and look at me with reproach when I announce I am keeping my uterus. I feel like there is light now on this long dark journey I've been on. Frightened to have a heart attack from low ferritin, of losing my hair, enlarging my fibroid etc. the TRUTH really will set you free! Thank you so much Wray and the entire crew at!!

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Oct 25, 2016
on nac
by: Kaye

Hi Dee, Why did you choose NAC and taurine? I too do not have enough progesterone as last bloodwork is .5 and estrogen is 39.5. BUT I have been so sick with anxiety, etc with ED that I really do not want to go thru the transition of using more progesterone. My body doesn't absorb it well on the skin either. So was wondering how much you used for the transition. I'm using DIM and calcium glycarate. Thank you

Oct 26, 2016
OMG! I used to think progesterone caused further estrogen dominance thus further fibroid growth
by: Joy

Hi Dee

What awesome news that you have experienced success with progesterone therapy. There are many progesterone misconceptions flying around on the internet today as well as advice give by the medical professions. Progesterone, if used correctly, will help the body to absorb the smaller sized fibroids, the bigger ones are a little more problematic. Often progesterone can't work its wonders totally without help from other vital aminos and vitamins. Fibroids are caused by oxidative stress and unless the inflammation is dealt with, one will battle, the same applies to Endometriosis and PCOS. Vitamin D3 is vital too as it is an excellent anti inflammatory. You are so fortunate that your bleeding stopped so quickly, it can take months.

Wray has retired now, but she does visit the forums and I am quite sure that she will appreciate your kind words. Thank you for believing and trusting in her. Her advice to you I am sure, would be to continue as you are. Remember of course that stress of any kinds reduces the benefit of progesterone and Vitamin D3, as well as many other nutrients.

Take care.

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