Nursing, cycle trouble, and wanting to conceive again

by Caroline
(Victoria, BC, Canada)


I have am nursing my 18 month old son. Six months ago I started menstruating again since his birth, and am having increasing trouble, with mid cycle pain (feels cystic and I have a history of this), recent mid-cycle bleeding, and heavy menstruation. I also think I miscarried two months ago. I was just about to test to see if I was pregnant as I had all the signs that I had last time, but then I started bleeding heavily. I have had chronic pain in my spine since 6 months ago, around the time I got my cycle back.

I will continue nursing my son, and will try to conceive again this winter. If possible, I will nurse through pregnancy also.

I read that I can take progesterone while nursing, but I also read that I need to take a higher dose immediately when I begin with the kinds of symptoms I'm having. I wonder what kind of dose to start with considering that I am nursing. I read mixed things about whether or not progesterone ends up in breastmilk.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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