No one understands!! Help me

Where to begin? Well I've been on birth control for over 10 years now but I've finally discontinued for good. I've had irregular periods forever. I have had 1 successful pregnancy and two miscarriages at 10 weeks and 5 days. My doctors don't know anything about natural supplements and so when I talk to them about this kind of stuff they don't know or recommend anything. I've had a blood panel test to check for blood disorders but I can't remember exactly what I was tested for but everything came back normal. Recently, since December I haven't had my period at all. Before my last period in deemed I had extreme pain, bloating, cramping pain almost like I was miscarrying and my doctor said it was cysts. I also have had abnormal cervical cells for a couple years now and they haven't done anything but monitor it. I recently started milk thistle in combination with eating lots of garlic, kale and turmeric pulls to cleanse my liver from birth control. I take fish, flax, and borage oil daily along with rainbow light prenatal vitamin. I also started taking lamb pituitary/hypothalamus complex concentrate to try to correct my negative feedback. I'm trying to conceive, reduce my risk of cancer, return my body to proper working order and regulate my periods? Can someone help me? I have an appt tomorrow

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Apr 09, 2015
Life after Birth control
by: Diane

You sound like you need bioidentical progesterone. I'm not diagnosing you, but generally speaking to treat cysts and other OESTROGEN dominant symptoms you should be on atleast 100-200mg progesterone cream BIOIDENTICAL. You may need higher dose of P to overcome Oestorogen dominance. Did you get your vitamin D checked? Your level needs to be well over 50. Mine is now 70.
Chances are your appointment will be disappointing unless you have a dr who understands how to treat with P.
I would explore the pages on progesterone. Educate your self as much as possible. Read pages in box to the left. They are so informative. In search bar below type Oestrogen Dominance. PLEASE READ.
Good luck:)

Apr 09, 2015
by: jayem

In addition to progesterone therapy, i would encourage you to research DIM and Calcium-D-Glucarate (NOT 'calcium"), as well as magnesium - the test for mag is RBC - the standard test is useless, you need to specifically ask for an RBC Magnesium test - Dr. Carolyn Dean is an expert in the field and on her blog gives the optimal numbers to look for on that test.

Vit D testing sounds like it also may help you understand the signals your body is giving you - your doc should be able to handle this one, and the optimal numbers can be found on a website called D'Action ...

You sound way off balance in a number of foundational ways - get those straight first, as a base, and go from there... "within normal range' in relation to the tests you've had done are useless - obviously something is wrong ... don't quit - listen to your body, it's giving you all the clues and information you need... the support of a Functional Medical Practitioner in your area would likely be more of a help to you than a conventional doc - google "Functional Medicine/Doctor" in your area and switch docs ...

Best of luck !

Apr 11, 2015
by: Diane

I completely agree with all Jayem says above. I am on 100mg DIM as well which is very good for reducing the effects of BAD estrogen in the body. Research the functional Md very well. Just as there are bad mainstream doctors, a good functional/holistic MD is not easy to find. Read the reviews on yelp, Healthgrades, Learn, Read. Dr Michael Platt's book is an excellent source.. The miracle of Bioidentical Hormones. Also, read on this website about Oestrogen Dominance.
I use 200-300mg progesterone cream
Vit D 10,0000iu
Iodine 6.25mg
DIM 100mg
Maca root
Omega 3
I am significantly improved since being on this regimine, but you must read and research befor you start. It's imoerstive you understand what's going on and what supplements do.
Good luck

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