Newly Opened Pump Dispenser Doesn't Work, Need to Use NatPro Everday

by Christina
(Miami, FL)

Hello, I am 51 and this site is wonderful, thanks so very much to the Wray and the supporters. I've found answers to several of my questions since I found the site in 2019, by looking through the content and various forum replies. Today is July 25, 2021.

However, I have a new issue today that just occurred, so I am writing here because I have written to the email address "" twice last year, as well as just yesterday, and I never receive(d) any reply back. I wrote in Oct and Dec 2020 asking when inventory would possibly return as well as sharing that I tried 2-3 times to sign up for an account and the newsletter, separately, but with no success. The email inquiry yesterday was about a quantity variation for the NatPro Pump Dispenser versus Cream Tube, but I found a forum reply answer for that.

Today, my new issue is that I went to open my 2nd of two NatPro Pump Dispensers purchased last fall and it didn't work, though the 1st one worked perfectly (luckily I just kept checking the site to see when inventory would be available again, since I didn't receive a reply to my email asking about it). No cream would release and only air pumped out. I tried everything including squeezing the bottle thinking there may be an air bubble. By squeezing I managed to get out about the quantity of a 50 mg pump for this morning's dose. But as I have started doing 150 mg/day in order to get up to 200 mg/day soon since I have oestrogen dominance, I will not have a way to dose tonight and forward if the dispenser does not work.

Previously I was only dosing about 50 mg twice a day from about cycle day 13-15 until I started bleeding. However, in reading the forum and site content more thoroughly recently, I see that if my cycle is not regular anymore (since last Dec 2020 it can be in the 20s, 30s, or 40s of days before I bleed) I should be dosing with NatPro everyday. And as I haven't done that for the last few months, it likely made my oestrogen dominance worse than it's been in years (serum levels on day 9 taken this month were at 195 pg/ml, and progesterone <.5 ng/ml, but will be taking saliva test soon). Since I am on day 17 since my last bleed I decided to start dosing everyday now as recommended.

To note, given the rhythm of half month luteal dosing that I was doing, last evening I only just finished my 1st of the two NatPro dispensers I bought last fall. After finishing a 20 mg bioidentical progesterone cream from a compounding pharmacy, I only started that 1st of the two dispensers this last Apr 2021.

Also, when I received my two Natpro dispensers last fall, there was no paperwork/instructions with them that is communicated will be included with every purchase.

Of the many forum posts I spent many hours reading recently, I saw that someone had trouble with their pump not working and I think the reply was surprise that a customer's email was not received but there was a recommendation that I don't recall since when I read that post I didn't have the dispenser problem. And since there is no way to search the forum posts I can't find that recommendation.

Is there a way to open the dispenser? Is the tube a safer bet going forward? Please help!!! Thank you!!!

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Jul 26, 2021

by: Justine

Hello Christina love,

Sorry your emails have not been received!

There is a simple way to solve the dispenser issue, turn it on its head and give it a hard knock, this should help release the air bubble.

If you also see at the base of the dispenser there is a small hole, you can use a paper clip end and insert it in there and push the base plate of the pump up once you've given it a knock!

Please let us know how you get along? If you are still having problems we will send a replacement.

Warm wishes,

Jul 26, 2021
Thank you
by: Justine

And thank you for your kind words Christina! We are so pleased you have been helped by this site, Wrays incredible work and Joys invaluable input, your appreciation is muchly appreciated! x

Jul 26, 2021
​Newly Opened Pump Dispenser Doesn't Work, Need to Use NatPro Everyday
by: Joy

Hi Christina

Thank you for your kind words and for trusting the information given. This website is a 'library' full of the correct information. It's good that you posted this here as it will help others who may experience the same problem.

I totally agree with you using progesterone every day, you are in Peri-Menopause, it is most definitely needed now.

Just looking at the last tests that you had, your progesterone:estrogen ratio is 3:1 it should be 600:1. You definitely need a lot more progesterone. Please read the Hormone Testing page for more information on this.

Please follow Justine's advice which should sort the issue out​ regarding your dispenser. ​ What happens is that an airlock forms in some of the dispensers, by following Justine's instruction it should clear the airlock. Please let us know how you get on.

Take care.

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