New to progesterone therapy and really need some advice

by Stephanie

I am a 40 year old peri-menopausal woman. For the past 6 years, I have been plagued with constant health issues.
I went through years of infertility before getting pregnant with my daughter. When I gave birth, I nearly died due to excessive hemorrhaging. I received a lot of plasma and blood transfusions to save my life. Since that time, I have had nonstop health issues.

Very long story short, I have dealt with:
excessive weight gain
inability to lose weight
food allergies to many foods
joint pain and inflammation
hair loss
brain fog
very low energy
very low libido
dry, cracked heels
fluid retention

As someone who never dealt with health issues before, the past 6 years have been demoralizing. I have researched and tried everything to get my health back. A paleo diet, iodine, and natural thyroid have helped with some of my issues, but most of the issues persist.

After learning about Dr. Lee, I started taking bioidentical progesterone cream and a week later decided to have my hormones tested. Here are my results after taking 1 week of 40ml/day of progesterone cream:

Estradiol: 1.8pg/ml
Progesterone: 864 pg/ml
Ratio: Pg/E2: 480
Testosterone: 18pg/ml
DHEAS: 2.5ng/ml
Cortisol (morning): 3.6ng/ml
Cortisol (night): .4ng/ml

Can anyone give me advice? I am desperate for some wisdom about what to do. Since being on the progesterone cream for 3 cycles (only on days 12-26 of cycle), I have gained 20 pounds. I am freaking out about it and am so desperate to find a way to balance my body and restore my health.

I am planning on ordering Natpro today, but I just would love to get some input from those of you who are well-versed in all of this.

Thanks so much in advance!!

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Aug 12, 2014
Similar Issues especially in weight
by: Leitia

I have similar issues and would also be interested in any advise you get

Aug 24, 2014
Hi Stephanie
by: Chloe

I read your post, hang in there.

I found a link with lab values before and after the use of Natpro, pretty funny actually, I didn't type in Natpro, but wow! it is convincing.

While I am a nurse, I couldn't cure myself, and still went through hell to get to the bottom of my issue. I "believe" your ratio is ok, however you are still suffering, that's not ok.

One thing that is really getting me angry lately, is the more I read and hear, or lack of hearing from "some" doctors is really getting to me. What was the advice given to you after the results were discussed?

Perhaps this link below will help, best wishes to you
Just remember, to investigate, read and really advocate for yourself. You should not be feeling this way.

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