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by WM

I used progesterone on and off for some time during the last couple of years. Started menopause about 10 years ago and was on HRT and sleeping tablets for at least 8 years. I weaned myself off the HRT and started with progesterone and when all my symptoms were gone I stopped everything. I still had terrible insomnia though, woke up every two hours. I was too afraid of using the progesterone because I had read so many different things about it.

Fast forward and a few months ago my insomnia got worse and my menopause symptoms returned. I used bio identical estradiol for vaginal atrophy because I did not want to use the premarin that my dr prescribed. I started with the progesterone cream again, once or twice a week, but every time I used ut, my weight were up about a pound the next morning, that made me even more reluctant to use it. Then I came across this website and saw that Wray told people to INCREASE the dose! so I thought I will try it, my weight went down within a day or two, I am sleeping better and my breasts that were always very lumpy feels soft, probably the first time in my life.

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Dec 22, 2014
New convert
by: Wray

Hi WM I'm so delighted! If you'd like to chat to someone about progesterone, please contact Julienne our distributor in London and the U.S via her website here. Take care Wray

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