New at this and a little scared. Need reassurance & advice on use

by Linda

I just purchased this Natpro progesterone cream and therefore, I don't have it yet, but after reading some of these stories I have become a bit apprehensive over using it. I don't actually fit into any of the 4 categories that are given from pre-menstrual to menopausal. I am 66 years old and post-menopausal. I seldom get a hot flash anymore and when I do, it is quite mild compared to the fiery ones that I used to get. I had a partial hysterectomy at age 42 and went on HRT for 5 years at age 58 for severe hot flashes which it did relieve. I am recovering from major surgery from last August (they said 9 months recovery for removal of a large hernia and 4 feet of my intestines).

Over the last few months since the surgery, I have been waking up with morning sweats (not night sweats). I get leg cramps too and I started taking magnesium for that. I am losing my memory and suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety. I have had an iron and vitamin D3 deficiencies which I am now taking supplements for. Over the past few months, I have also lost so much hair that I am now practically bald.

So, I am also taking many supplements for that and my other problems including Viviscal, Hair Volume, Keratin Booster plus Biotin, Iodine, CoQ10, vitamin C, B complex, D3, calcium, magnesium, enzymes, turmeric, Saw Palmetto, flax seed oil, borage oil, fish oil with DHA, evening primrose oil, etc.,etc.,etc. I read several articles now saying that I need pregnenolone, so yesterday, I bought some of that too (30 mg ad day in pill form). I saw this page on progesterone cream and I thought, well why not? So, I purchased that too. My medicine cabinet is so full of supplements that I have trouble keeping the door shut. Anyway, is this cream safe to use along with what I am already taking and how about my age? I have been looking for answers to my age category (post-menopausal). Thanks in advance for your advice and or encouragement.

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Mar 01, 2017
New at this and little scared.Need reassurance 7 advice on use
by: Joy

Hi Linda

You are most certainly a candidate for progesterone cream as your adverse symptoms clearly point to Estrogen Dominance. I suggest starting on 200mg of Natpro per day, every day, do not take a break at all. You may need more, you will have to experiment with this. It is not an overnight fix, it can take between 2-6 months before positive results are felt.

Often anesthetic also upsets the body. Leg cramps are not only a Magnesium deficiency but a Vitamin D3 one as well, a balance needs to be achieved when taking them both. I experience terrible leg cramps and couldn't understand why as I was taking Vit D3 and Mag. What I didn't realise was that I needed to give the body time to adjust and I was not taking enough of both. Also it is so important to not only to take one type of mag, there are many forms. Transdermal and oral is needed, I now take 4 different forms. Nothing less than 5 000iu's of Vitamin D3 needs to be taken daily, more if deficient. A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone so it is vital to get the level up where it should be. Co-factors are needed when taking Vitamin D3. Please read the pages suggested below.

I suggest that you stop taking calcium. Please view the video "Death by Calcium", it is long and explains so much. While Vitamin D3 helps you absorb calcium from your diet, Vitamin K2 directs your body to deposit the calcium in the appropriate places. In other words, it’s the Vitamin K2 that tells your body to deposit calcium in your bones and teeth, and not in your organs, arteries, muscles or soft tissue. It short, vitamin D3 allows calcium in, vitamin K2 sends the calcium to where it is needed and magnesium keeps calcium where it belongs.

I do not see the point in taking pregnenolone, the body converts it into progesterone anyway.

Please read these pages and the references:

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance

Hair Loss

Vitamin D3



Death by Calcium

Memory Loss

Mar 01, 2017
New at this and a little scared....
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your advice, Joy. I think that I did hear something quite a while ago about Calcium, but my memory is so foggy that I didn't remember it. I just ran out of my Coral calcium pills and was going to buy some more. Thank goodness you stopped me and one less pill to swallow every day is also a relief to me.

I had been searching for the pregnenolone a few years ago when I was suffering from hair loss then. I never found any but I was relieved when my hair grew back. I am convinced that I have hormonal problems as my thyroid keeps testing normal. I sure hope this cream helps me. I was just a little alarmed when I read a few comments about it being "too high" dosage that can harm you in some way. Since I am older and have many health problems, I was worried. All I can do is try it and see what effects it has on me. I hope they are good ones.

God bless and Thanks for your help. I will surely need it.

Mar 02, 2017
New at this and a little scared....
by: Joy

My pleasure Linda. To be honest I do not accept the words "fine" or "normal" when it comes to test results. Please compare all your results to the Hormone Testing page, these results are correct. Progesterone will help, if used correctly.

Mar 04, 2017
Needing More Information
by: Linda

I just received the Natpro dispensers in the mail, and I'm having a hard time reading the instructions even with a magnifying glass. I don't see anything that gives the correct amount to start with in them or on the bottle.

If it is 200 ml as you said, how much cream does that equal? One full push down of the bottle or two full push downs a day? Do I need half a push down twice a day? It is so unclear as to what amount to use. Supposing you just do whatever you think and you end up with an overdose?

This company needs to make things really clear.

Also, you said K2 is important. Should I buy some K2 vitamins if they sell them at the store or just eat more foods with vitamin K in them?

Mar 05, 2017
Needing more information
by: Joy

Hi Linda

I am pleased to hear that your Naptpro arrived. In my reply to you I gave you a number of web pages to read, they are important and explain things in more detail Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page. You will find a conversion chart explaining things, but that entire page is of benefit to you. It clearly states on the order page that one full pump delivers 1.5ml of cream which is 50mg. At no stage did I mention 200ml, that would be nearly a cup! I said 200mg which will be 4 full pumps of cream, perhaps you misread. The cream must be used no less that twice a day as progesterone levels start to drop after 12/13 hours and the idea is to keep the level stable.

Vitamin K2 with NO soy is needed. I suggest that you supplement and eat foods that containing it.

Mar 08, 2017
Gaining Weight Rapidly
by: Linda

I received my progesterone cream a few days ago and ever since I began using, my weight has been going through the roof. I have been reading here that other women are complaining of the same weight gain problem with usage.

During and after my surgery last August, I lost 33 pounds of badly needed weight loss and I need to lose about 60 or 70 more pounds before I can be of normal size again. Even though I didn't lose anymore weight since then, I've done very well at keeping the 30 pounds off, and I was content with that for now. Over the last few days of using the progesterone cream twice daily, I have eaten the same amounts of food every day, but I've gained a whopping 6-1/2 pounds!!!!! I am afraid that I must stop using this cream because my weight and my life are at stake here. I felt and looked so much better without the 33 pounds on me, but now I fear using the cream even more than I did before. Perhaps I could use it occasionally?

I have also seen it said on here that it is recommended to increase it if it doesn't work right in some way. I am afraid that if I increase it I will gain even more weight rapidly.

Mar 11, 2017
Gaining Weight Rapidly
by: Joy

Hi Linda

Well for a start you have not given your body enough time to adjust, it take 2-6 months for this to happen. How much cream are you using? Weight gain does happen in some women when first using, but this is only because not enough progesterone cream was or is being used initially. The weight gain is water retention caused by excess estrogen. When not enough progesterone is being used when first using, this is what can happen.

If you have read others say that it causes weight gain, did you perhaps read further and see that most who experience this soon lose the water retention by increasing the amount of cream and sticking out the 2-6 month period. If progesterone is not used correctly it will not work. Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in this, if deficient it reduces the benefits of progesterone causing adverse symptoms.

Using progesterone occasionally is not an option I am afraid. It will play havoc on your estrogen receptors and again cause weight gain, I recommend against this.

Best wishes.

Mar 17, 2017
Thank you Joy
by: Anonymous

I stopped using the cream for the time being as my vitamin D3 level is too low. I decided to start taking D3 and K2 to build it up before trying the cream again. Perhaps, the cream will work better after I've been on those vitamins for a while. I just can't afford to gain any more weight.

This was the first time in 20 years that I lost 30 pounds and it has to stay off as I was 100 pounds overweight. I just don't feel that I can afford to gamble with my weight loss. Going back to 200+ pounds would make me want to jump off a cliff. Now, that I've finally felt some hope, I can't take that chance.

I am thinking let me lose the rest of the 100 pounds, then I can play around or experiment with my hormones. Any amount of weight gain, even if it is water, is still weight, that doesn't want to come off me.

I'm having a really hard time and I may need to start fasting to really attack it aggressively.

I just don't know, but I had some hope. -Linda

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